How Video Production Saved Jane

How Video Production Saved Jane

I want to tell you the story of Jane, who had a great idea for promoting a new line of books for her publishing house. She wanted to use a video production company to do a simple motion trailer for a new line of young adult bodice rippers. Of course, she had to find a way to make the idea appeal to her old-school bosses. That’s when she realized that the best way to sell them on video production was through the use of video production.

Jane’s Revolution

Jane decided she would use dynamic video production to show her managers how much avid readers would respond positively to her trailer idea. Jane knew the video would have to be evocative, clever and easy to follow because her managers thought a video going viral meant it was going to kill their computer.

She commissioned a whiteboard video from Rip Media Group that showed her managers how the video would reach new audiences and excite their core demographic. Jane’s managers appreciated her efforts and, after watching a tight example of video production, they decided to move forward on the project.

Making Every Idea Feel New and Fresh

From my experience, the way Jane used an effective video to convince novices of the value of using videos to market an analog product like a book is a typical one. You can add a whole new perspective on an old idea or add another dimension to your marketing.

You can find a lot of value in how much visual and video marketing appears to the brains of both consumers and business decision-makers. People are more likely to react in a favorable way to seeing an idea displayed on a screen rather than having to leaf through pages or slides when trying to learn more about a subject. Using videos for presentations can be much more engaging, taking even the driest topics and numbers and making them exciting and somehow much more relevant.

With the power of Rip Media group behind you, your next marketing project or presentation is going to be a memorable one, just like Jane’s. Remember, your story starts here!