Your Video Production Starts With Your Call

Call for Video Production

People often wonder how we here at Rip Media Group create award-winning, revenue-creating, awareness-raising video productions – you might be surprised to learn that it all starts with a call.

Your call!

To answer the question of what makes a great video you must first ask the question “who makes it?” We are Rip Media Group. We are a business that was put together solely to create fantastic explainer videos for your companies. We are a collective of passionate story-tellers; from the ideation right through to the delivery of the finished package. And all with one focus in mind: to create an explainer video for you that you’re not only proud of, but that sells your product/service to a greater audience.

There are many elements that go into an online video production. Sound, for example, is so undervalued; it’s one of those things that you only notice if it’s done poorly. And trust us – if no one can hear or understand what you’re selling, it doesn’t matter how great your video looks. Music is a part of that too. Capturing the right mood with the choice of music can help draw on the emotions of the viewer. Right now you’re reading this in relative silence; but put a soundtrack under it and we can change the way you feel as you read!

Images are also very important. Every image must capture a vision; no frame should be wasted. This is why we here at Rip Media Group have a team working on each video; Account Managers, Creative Producers, Writers, Artists, Animators, Sound Editors/Recorders, Voice Overs… we ensure your explainer video production is the very best it can be.

Script is also at the top of the list. We craft a script that’s compelling, engaging – that informs and entertains all at once. Every word is parsed and examined; all designed to ensure maximum impact on the viewer.

But before any of these processes spark into motion, it has to begin somewhere. And that somewhere is with you – and with a call.

Call us today for a consultation and pretty soon we’ll be helping you take your company/brand to the next level. Check out the video!