Does Your Video Production Suck?

Does Your Video Production Suck?

You want to make sure your video production is the best it can be. I think we can all agree on that, right? The easiest way to ensure that happens is to hire Rip Media Group because we do it all; from live action to motion graphics to whiteboard animation and everything in between. But let’s say you’d rather go it alone. Okay, fine. We won’t take it too personally. But please! At least read this blog to avoid ways to making your video production suck!

You’re Boring Us!

When was the last time you watched an ad online, hated it, and yet spent every last second you could watching it? You didn’t. No one does. The moment a viewer is bored, they’re going to click the next thing – whether it’s back to Google or to your competitor’s video production. So make sure your video production is amazing.

Sorry, I Can’t Hear You

Video productions are a funny thing; the good ones look so effortless that you don’t realize what went into making it. One of the key components of any production is sound. And sure, that sounds like common sense – but, come on, have you seen how many videos are out there that sound like they were recorded under water, in the next room or on the moon? Make sure your sound recordist and their equipment is spot on.

Ego A No Go

Okay, you’re brilliant. So what? Nothing turns potential customers off like telling them how amazing you are. Why would they believe it? So don’t tell them anything of the sort. If you want to show people how amazing you are – without mentioning it – people will draw their own conclusions in a good way!

No Call To Action

It’s great that you’ve eluded all the other things that make a video production sucky; you’ve got something that’s really enjoyable. But did you remember to put a call to action in it? D’oh!! It’s not like you have to ask people to buy your brand/service; a good call-to-action might just include a request to sign up to your blog, to subscribe to your channel, etc. Remember to put this at the end of your video production too.

So there’s four simple tips to unsucking a sucky video production. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, you can just call us here at Rip Media Group for a full consultation without any suck in sight! We’ll put together your whiteboard animation or motion graphics video production like no one else!

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