Eyeball on Video Production

A great video production very often isn’t enough. You need people to see it, right? And other than just uploading it to YouTube, you’d better have a really good strategy for distribution (if you want the bang for the bucks you’ve already invested in its production).

We all know video works. The Web Video Marketing Council recently revealed in a survey it conducted that 96% of B2B companies use video productions as part of their marketing plan and 41% are planning to increase their budgets in these areas. But where do people go from there? The same survey showed that just 28% of companies pay for their own online hosting and marketing – and 58% go for the free “pop it on YouTube” approach. Surely there’s a better strategy.

There is. Here’s what you need to do.

Target Your Users

Billie Goldman, the director of Partner Marketing at Intel, told Forrester that “it now costs me 10 times what it cost me four years ago to achieve the same kind of organic lift.” Wow. But there’s good reason for this. If you’re just uploading the free route (YouTube, Vimeo), then at the very least you’ll need to work on Search Engine Optimization strategies. But you should have some money to budget for paying for posts on the various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, et al). You could also pay for publisher partnerships (ex: BuzzFeed).

Utilize Online Metrics

The first thing you should do – long before you launch any sort of campaign – is to outline the metrics. It’s a good idea to set your metrics alongside the stages of the customer journey that you’ve already established. But for even better metrics, you will have to use a video analytics firm (ex: Pixability, Tubular Labs, Vidyard). Using the tools they provide will not only give you the amount of views a video has received but what viewers have watched the video(s) multiple times.

Distribution First

While you’re overseeing the production of your video, you should already be thinking about distribution – it’s never too early. For example, where will you be sharing the video? On social media platforms? Email? In fact, this question is so important it can even lead to changing the video production itself.  With different platforms come different versions; from the six-second version on Vine to ensuring your opening few seconds are crucial if you’re making a pre-roll ad. And if it’s going onto Facebook then make sure the visuals are compelling enough that even without sound, people will scroll back to see what it is.

So now you know how to get those all-important eyeballs. You’ll also need an all-important video – and that’s what Rip Media Group is here for.