What can you learn from our market research on live video production, whiteboard animation, and animation video research?

This week, we have compiled a some very interesting statistics for our marketing directors looking for statistics on the success of video production, whiteboard animation, and product animation videos.  We wanted to share some of them with you.  The most important take a ways:

  1. Video works
  2. Mobile must be considered as extremely important in your plan
  3. Video works

Marketing with video is up to 6 times more effective.  Yet, less than 3% of online marketing is done with video.

80% of the planet has internet/mobile phone access.

There are 1.8 billion internet-connected computers

There are 5 billion mobile phone users.

Average clip length of video views (not necessarily a completed view of entire clip):

1 min. 25 sec.

Traditional broadcasters with online portals and newspapers with embedded video content dominate the video landscape, with user-created content streaming 400 million minutes of watched video, compared to the 3 billion minutes being watched from video posted by traditional media.

Video advertising — both display and pre-roll — leads to purchase intent for 1.4% of all viewers that saw an ad, a number that’s grown for three consecutive quarters and is more effective than other mediums.

  • In-stream video advertising is the dominant ad format followed by overlays, sponsorships, companions and player skins.
  • Despite experimentation with other ad formats, 35 percent of survey respondents said in-stream video advertising produced the most revenue for their media business compared to other ad formats.
  • While just over 10 percent of respondents said that they currently distribute ad-supported video content to mobile devices, more than 50 percent said that they will roll out ad-supported mobile video within the next twelve months.

A player load represents the graphics, data and other components rendered on a webpage in order to view a video stream and monetize the content. Player loads are an important measure for the amount of video content included across website properties.

Email users are still outgrowing social media users.

25 billion tweets were sent last year.

294 billion emails were sent daily.

Mobile is a huge asset for email.

Email accounts for 42% of mobile internet time.

30% of email users reply by their mobile phones.

For smartphone users under the age of 45, they use their phones more for email than for other functions.

“What does all this mean to your marketing and sales efforts?”

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