What is Motion Graphics Video ?

We are back from The Sundance Film Festival.  Very proud that The Surrogate (won the Audience Award at the  prestigious movie fest. ) had post production help from Eric Brodeuer at Cima Productions, our close production partner, and very happy for Gina Rodriguez who is handling her rising fame, from Filly Brown, with extreme grace and gratitude.

One of our new clients has utilized our production services in motion graphic video to have the following created by our team.  Having cut hundreds of title sequences and created many corporate video production sequences, it was a fun job for our team.  The video is an early announcement for an event – see the video – will be an amazing day of lessons, learning, speeches, and networking.  Its the ‘TED Conference’ for cause related issues…And so much more.  Happy to be a help to them, and thought we would share the work with you.

Creating corporate animation videos, and corporate motion graphic stories, is completed with the expertise in multiple editing programs, and the power of story is unlimited.

Starting with the Dream, The Goal, The Pain, and the Call To Action, I use to start.  We then story board the concepts, and, when doing corporate motion graphic production you have the world as your canvas.  Any shot, any idea, any concept can be created without the expense of travel and a full production team.  They can be very powerful and useful as a
company intro video, or even web page videos.

More information on how to design and create video as a part of your marketing campaign is coming in my new book: The Sales Force.  Look for an announcement soon.