When Freepoint Needed a Video Production Company We Were There To Help

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Freepoint Commodities is an enterprise technology company that deals with large scale logistics, information management, marketing, finance, and physical production. They recently asked Rip Media Group to be their video production company to launch a new product.

Our extensive body of animations and on-budget track record drew them to us. 

During this project write up, we’ll go over how we were able to meet and hopefully exceed Freepoint’s expectations. 

The Project

Freepoint Commodities hired us to help them launch their new offering, “ClearDox.” ClearDox is a document management tool that helps filter and organize the flow of documentation that businesses have to process daily. 

They specifically wanted an explainer video that they could use as an advertisement and as a video example of their product that could live on their new offering homepage. 

They were looking for something clean, modern, clear, and sophisticated. We believe that we were able to deliver the perfect video for their needs. We used a black, blue, and white color scheme that matched their branding and easy-to-interpret graphics along with an expertly written script. 

The Challenges

Freepoint Commodities’ main issue was that they couldn’t clearly define and condense the message they wanted to send when they marketed ClearDox to potential customers. 

Freepoint Commodities had a good idea of their potential pitch and mission statement for ClearDox, but they hadn’t yet refined their offering to an elevator pitch or a tagline. 

Because an explainer video often functions as a video agency’s version of an elevator pitch, we had more than enough experience to help them condense their message to a more manageable size. 

The Solution

How does a creative agency condense a message?

They harness the pride that a company holds in its product. Freepoint Commodities was very proud of the product that they had created – and they should’ve been! We used an upbeat voice-over actor and specifically chosen verbiage to communicate the faith and reliability that Freepoint Commodities felt lived on in their product. 

To be more specific, we conveyed their message using inventive and catchy terms like “format agnostic,” “Dark Data,” and more, along with definitions. This kind of openness and understanding is something that we feel only a truly confident company like Freepoint Commodities, would offer.

After our confidence-inspiring verbiage and voice over were inserted into the clean and clear animation that we specialize in as a video animation company, the video was all set to go! 

We’re happy to say that Freepoint Commodities was delighted with their first video, and we hope to continue working with them far into the future.

To see more of our work as a video production company, and book a consultation, head over to our portfolio.