Why You Need Video Production Marketing

Why You Need Video Production Marketing

When it comes to video production, oftentimes the most difficult decision is how much to spend on one. The digital marketplace changes almost daily so the very least you can do to keep up is update your strategy with each video production you make.

If you are wondering why you need an explainer video on your website; why you need either animation, whiteboard animation, live video production or even a hybrid of the two, wonder no longer. CISCO says that by 2017 – less than two years from now – video will be responsible for 69% of all consumer web traffic. Obviously that means marketing revenue going into online advertising will follow and you don’t want to let your competitors leave you in the dust.

There are other, engaging reasons why video is so important to your brand. Video productions put across your messaging faster than anything written. They are a creative and compelling means to tell your company’s personal story and give your product leverage in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Video productions allow you to talk directly to your audience and connect with them. And just as importantly they let your audience connect with you. If you’re a small business, this connection can be the difference between life and death.

The platforms for your video productions grow every day, meaning your approach should always be as multi-pronged as possible. Vine and Instagram’s shorter videos can help your messaging hew to the leanest and smartest branding you can think of. Snack-sized videos can engage an audience who don’t have much time to watch longer pieces. Did you know that YouTube is the second most used search engine? You need your video productions on YouTube, stat!

Businesses in the field of video marketing have found video productions to be highly successful in taking your business to its intended audience. You have no reason NOT to consider incorporating video production into your marketing plans.

There are all kinds of videos you can make too. And we’re not just talking about the budgets. Explainer videos are extremely helpful to new businesses. You can create videos for crowd-sourcing platforms like KickStarter to help raise money and awareness. You can also show off your fancy headquarters to potential clients before they step into your office.

Whatever kind of video production you go with, you clearly need to go with one. And Rip Media Group is the company you need to produce it!