How To Win Google’s Heart With Your Video Production

How to Win Google with Video Production

You’re sitting alone in your office, your finished video production in front of you. The only noise is the clock on the wall, ticking loudly, each second reminding you that you need to impress the boss with some great SEO-driven video production marketing tips. Something that shows him/her ways to boost your marketing capabilities and to get the word out on your amazing whiteboard animation or motion graphic video. No worries! Rip Media Group is here to give you a fistful of tips to implement that will give you a quick boost and a great ROI.

YouTube Transcripts

It’s very helpful to your audience to grasp what your video productions are all about – which is reason enough to add a transcript to your video on YouTube. But get this; a transcript makes it much, much easier for Google to both find your content and index it. Once Google takes notice, you’ll move up higher in search engine results.

Video Tutorials

You do what you do like no one else does. So why not create some simple video tutorials? This is another win/win; first off, it builds a bond between you and your potential customers. Secondly, it also helps Google see what you’re doing and rank you higher in that all important search engine.

Video Sitemap

Your website needs a great way to communicate with Google – and one of the best ways to do that is to create a video sitemap.  A sitemap lets your visitors navigate your own website as opposed to sending them to other platforms such as YouTube. Plus Google can find and index your videos much easier.


Does your company send out newsletters? Well, start incorporating/embedding your video productions into them. It’s great for marketing purposes – but again, it’s a win/win as Google will see your video as rich media that, in turn, improves your ranking.


Not many people consider Pinterest a great platform for their video productions – especially corporate ones. But it’s a platform with over 4 million daily uniques and, best of all, it’s highly ranked on Google. So what does that mean? You guessed it; a boost to your search engine rankings.

So there you go! Five great ways to let Google know you exist and boost your rankings whenever anyone searches for you or what you do. And remember, Rip Media Group is always here to provide you with a full consultation on creating that great video production that’s going to set your company apart from your competition. Whether it’s whiteboard animation or motion graphics, we do it all.