Your brain’s response to marketing videos – Part I

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What is the brain’s response to marketing videos? – Part I

Although the 2010 film Inception was marketed as science fiction meets fantasy, its premise of planted ideas and shared virtual experience has basis in cold, hard fact. Emerging research in neuroscience shows that the human brain is programmed for narrative, which means marketing should be focused less on selling, and more on storytelling, less on visual ads and more on the marketing video.

Storytelling Stimulates the Brain

Neuroscientists in Spain have recently discovered that the human brain responds differently (read: more complexly) to information when it is presented in a narrative than in bullet points or on flashcards. Let’s try it.

This soda is the tastiest beverage on the market

When you read that sentence, the Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas of your brain light up. These are your language processors, responsible for attaching meanings to words. But when you read

This soda is tart and bubbly on the tongue

In addition to your language processors, the areas of your brain responsible for the sensations of taste and texture light up as well. Add something about movement

This soda makes you squint your eyes and purse your lips

And suddenly your motor cortex becomes active. You haven’t tasted the soda, but your brain just acted as though it did.

The Science of Virtual Experience

By reading about this experience, your brain responded as though you were experiencing that stimulus ⎯ drinking that soda and making funny faces ⎯ in real life. And that’s just with words in a sentence. Now imagine the effect you could create if you put that soda into a story, then used that story in a marketing video.

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