4 Advantages of Whiteboard Animation Over Other Types of Video

Advantages of Whiteboard Animation

Most of my clients know what whiteboard animation is, even if they don’t know it’s name. It’s a fun, approachable video style, where an artist rapidly draws a picture on a whiteboard over the course of a video.

Thanks to how whiteboard animation builds a picture over time, it works as a great format for explainer and educational videos. I’ve identified four more features of whiteboard animation that make both my clients and their viewers fall in love with it.

1. Whiteboard Animation Gets and Keeps Viewers’ Attention

Although whiteboard animation is growing more common, it’s still a novelty in the world of viral videos, so it makes viewers sit up and take notice. And there’s something pleasantly hypnotic about seeing a real artist craft a drawing over the course of the video, so once they tune in they’re more likely to keep watching.

2. It’s Fun

Part of why whiteboard animation grabs viewers like it does is because it’s fun. The pictures the artist draws are usually humorous and cartoony, with sly jokes and puns thrown in for viewers who are playing close attention. Some whiteboard animations also zoom out to show the final, completed picture at the end of the video, which is exhilarating and satisfying for viewers.

3. The Characters Are Relatable

Whiteboard animation doesn’t need to have characters in it. But some videos do put in characters who crop up over the course of the video. Even the artist herself is a character because she’s crafting a picture that matches her style and sense of humor.

The characters drawn on the whiteboard are usually friendly and relatable. They stand in well for the audience and learn things along with them. The characters are never preachy or didactic. All of this is part of why whiteboard animation works so well for educational and explainer videos.

4. It Goes Viral Easily

Because whiteboard animation is fun, interesting, visually appealing and often educational, it goes viral easily. When they’re done watching whiteboard animation, viewers feel satisfied, entertained and informed. They want to share this feeling with their friends, which is why whiteboard animation is generally far more likely to go viral than other video types.

Whiteboard animation isn’t perfect for every video. But because of how visually appealing, fun and approachable it is, it works great for explainer and educational videos. When my clients learn more about the strengths of this video style, they’re better able to work with me to craft engaging, educational, fun and viral whiteboard animation.

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