Are Whiteboard Animations Good in 2020?

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Whiteboard animation videos have been around for years. So, are they old news yet? 

The short answer is NO! Just think about live-action or 2D animation. Has acting gone out of style? Cartoons? Simply put, different styles of animation touch different audiences. So, whiteboard animation is alive and well. 

So, what’s whiteboard animation for then? 

To set the tone, we’ve included an example of a whiteboard video below and a link to our whiteboard animation portfolio. After watching, we want you to guess what the strengths of whiteboard animation are and then read the article. If you guessed correctly then YAY, we’ll give you a gold star! 

Whiteboard Animators Breathe Life Into Your Products

Whiteboard animations call out to the child inside of all of us. Harkening back to the in-class doodles that we used to do. Whiteboard animations’ built-in nostalgia factor is a huge bonus. It makes this genre of storytelling perfect for companies who need to make an austere product relatable and visually stunning. 

Whiteboard video can also be upgraded away from their typical cartoony aesthetic. Just look at the videos we made for the veteran’s administration and Nova Bioscience. We took the elements that make whiteboard animation great and then re interpreted them in new and more gorgeous ways. 

All of these factors make whiteboard animation perfect for medical companies, B2B selling, and for family-centric industries. 

Whiteboard Animations Break Down Complex Subjects Easily

Whiteboard animated videos fit well into an educational setting because they mimic a classroom – priming us to learn. Pair that reaction with an eye-catching array of visuals and you have a recipe for an attentive audience. 

On top of this, whiteboard animators can make great use of negative space – i.e. distraction-free, white backgrounds. Negative space in your video helps your audience focus on what really matters. For educational companies, this is a huge plus because whiteboard videos boast a boost in information retention of up to 15%!

Whiteboard Animations Are Good at Covering All Your Bases When You’ve Got a Lot to Cover

Whiteboard videos can almost be called the ultimate explainer video format. This genre of video is made to be sped up in post production, so any speed changes in the video will look natural and intentional. That means that you should be able to cram nearly limitless amounts of information into a whiteboard video so long as you can draw your idea.

With requirements as loose as these, whiteboard animated videos can fit into almost any situation – many more than other genres of video.

Don’t Be Popular: BE GOOD

Good video will always have a space in the marketing world, no matter the trend you’re following or the subject you’re covering. Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad may be low res by today’s standards, but the source material they chose and the delivery of their message was so spot on that NOTHING ELSE MATTERED.

So, when you’re asked “what video trend should we be following?” always answer “good video!”

Your marketing success depends on creating, capitalizing on, or repurposing a recurring storytelling tool that draws your audience in and captures their imagination. That’s no easy task. 

Whiteboard animations can help – reach out today.