Bringing Dry Topics to Life With Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation

We’ve all been to those seemingly endless PowerPoint presentations; slide after slide after slide, and each one as dull as the last. You leave the presentation with nothing more than a fuzzy head, a sore behind and no idea what the presentation was about.

But it’s not always the presenters’ fault, or the fault of the software they are using to get their message across. There are some subjects that are drier than a cracker on a warm day, and no amount of Comic Sans or checkerboard slide animations is going to make them any more captivating. But whiteboard animation can!

Back to the Drawing Board

This is the problem that animated video solves, and in so many ways. When it comes to life’s drier subjects like health insurance, double glazed windows or pension plans, video allows you to add a little pop and pizzazz that will get your brand noticed.

Here are some ways you can add a little spice to a potentially dry subject, and save your prospects from the dreaded “death by PowerPoint” sales pitch:

Be a Storyteller

Everybody loves a good story, especially one with a happy ending. Think about the problem your product or service solves. An animated video, whether it uses character or whiteboard animation, is a great way to illustrate the customer’s journey. From problem to resolution, video really lets you connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Done in 60 Seconds

Forget those hour-long corporate videos! We have only seconds to grab the attention of the average human. Our priority is to capture the audience’s attention in the first five seconds, and keep it there. In 60 seconds you’ll have delivered your message and hit the viewer with a strong call to action.

Now, here’s the clever part. Your viewers can watch that video anywhere, and on any device. That means no more traveling to deliver long sales pitches, and no more pitching during business hours only. Your video is your traveling salesman, ready for action 24/7.

Make It Catchy

Think you’re too serious for a theme tune? Let’s turn that on its head. If an animated video with cute characters and a catchy tune isn’t what your customers would expect, why not give them exactly that? An animated video has the power to stay with your audience for days, and if it’s a real break from your normal advertising strategy, it could even send you viral.

Okay, you might be wondering if a whiteboard animation video is for you. Does it fit your brand? Does it fit your audience? We’ve worked with many companies that could be described as operating in the “dry zone,” and have created catchy, memorable and persuasive video that goes on converting across many channels.