Creating a Whiteboard Animation Video

Creating a Professional Intro Video

If your company doesn’t have an intro video on the Home or About page of your website, it’s time to get one! Our society is in an era of information and viewers lack the attention span to read through long biographies…It’s just not going to happen.

Just like online dating, sometimes a biography doesn’t do a company justice. Sure, photos help. But a video describing what your company represents and why it wants to help each potential client … well, that is far better!

If your company already has an introductory video, evaluate if it needs to be spruced up. A lot of well-intended businesses fall short of a higher-quality intro video that will attract customers. Instead of looking and sounding like a professional, your viewers are now critiquing your company based on the poor production value of your introduction. Let’s improve your image! Expert-made whiteboard animation videos are a wonderful way to promote yourself or your company. And even with introductory videos, there’s always a powerful or fun story to share about your company. So, here are questions I like to consider when consulting with clients on their introduction video:

What’s the history of your company?

Tell me about your company from the beginning. When was your business or organization created? What have you accomplished since then? The history of your business can be creatively told using whiteboard animation. Instead of one person talking straight to camera for five minutes, whiteboard animation artists can quickly illustrate what your company has been able to accomplish since its conception.  For instance, if your farm has been family-owned and operated for over 100 years, we want to share that with your consumers! If your farm has only been in business for a couple of years, I want to know why you’re passionate about your new business and what steps you’ve sowed to have it come into being. Whether long or short, there’s always an angle we can use to attract people to your business.

As examples, please see how these two organizations used Whiteboard Animation to explain their history, value, and purpose:

National Association of Community Healthcare Centers

LexisNexis: Government Solutions

Why does your company do what you do?

What is your company’s mission statement? How will you or your product(s) help your customer? Consumers don’t want to be treated as a dollar symbol. In general, the more personal we can make your whiteboard animation video, the better. When your introductory video shows how well you can connect with a client who is interested in working you, they’ll want to work with you. If you show how you can positively change their life or business, people will call you.

What does your company do well?

Does your business or organization specialize in something that your competitors don’t? What makes you better than the other professionals in your field? As an expert in my field, I want to show you are an expert in yours. Another thing I like to take into consideration – your highly-regarded accolades. For instance, if your hospital is recognized as one of the top ten hospitals in California, I want your potential patients to know that! Whiteboard animation is particularly helpful for biotech industries. Read more on that on my blog, “How are Whiteboard Animation Videos Helping the Medical Community?

What are your company’s goals?

Knowing your goals is critical to the success of any project you may work on. If you don’t know what your goals are, you can’t the appropriate steps to achieve those goals and build your company. Examine what it is that you want to achieve—I’m not just talking about financial goals. If you’re having trouble, reflect on the future of your mission statement. When you created your mission statement, what did you picture for yourself to accomplish? I want your whiteboard animation video to show your viewers the plan for your future and how they (the viewers) should be a part of it.

Be realistic and honest about your goals. For instance, if you’re a chiropractor with a passion for holistic health, I assume you want the city of Los Angeles to experience healing through their spine and central nervous system. But focusing on that instead of how much money you want to make, you’ll attract customers who want their back adjusted! Or maybe the aim of your introductory video is to make millions! If your company is going to franchise or move from privatizing ownership to publicizing stocks, you need to show your viewers solid numbers. It’s important to know what your goal is to properly communicate your goal to your viewers!

Tell a Story with Your Video

Introductory videos don’t need to be eighteen minutes long. Even just 2-3 minutes can clearly give viewers an idea of what your business. But regardless of time, the key element to your intro video is its story. All of my clients have a story (even when they don’t think they do). If you’re not sure how to tell a good story, I can help you. By asking the right questions, I’m able to discover what your story is. And I want you to keep your audience interested in getting to know you. Your job is to figure out your message, communicate it to me and we’ll communicate it to your audience. Editing, fine-tuning and storyboarding can all be handled further along the process.

Partnering with Rip Media

Fortunately, there are professionals who specialize in creating all sorts of promotional videos. It’s important to work with professionals who are passionate about knowing you and making you look good. As the CEO of my own company, I want my products to build my reputation. An introductory video using whiteboard animation will give your website a little nudge in personality. If you are too busy to take on the extra hours it takes to create exposure for your company, Rip Media Group will do it for you. After our discovery sessions, my company can become your digital marketing partner as we have done for multiple businesses like yours. You don’t have to worry about marketing yourself on your own, that’s what I’m here for. Let’s discover your company’s story. Let’s tell it together. Just reach out to us at

Remember, your story starts here!