Creating Powerful Stories in Whiteboard Animation Videos

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Ask anyone in the entertainment industry why they came to Hollywood in the first place—writers, directors, and producers (such as myself) all say something similar—to tell stories. Hollywood has the biggest market for million-dollar blockbusters, but the power of storytelling also applies to your smaller-budget whiteboard animation videos. Even when you think that your business or product doesn’t have a story behind it, does it. And I’m excited to find it! There are different storytelling strengths in advertising which can help potential buyers or clients want to connect or work with you. Here’s are some details to take into consideration….


Let’s briefly examine the psychology of humanity. A human’s brain is hard-wired to respond both cognitively and emotionally to the narrative (I’ll go over more of that shortly). By engaging the visual and motor sections of a person’s mind, a story can commit to his or her memory. And you want people to remember your product! How do we do that? The University of Southern California Psychology has identified two different forms of response that come from successful, memorable advertising:

Storytelling to Create a Response from Empathy.

According to USC’s study, 31% of advertising campaigns that performed well were because of viewers had an emotional response to the campaign. The most common feelings advertisers will try to generate out of their viewers are love, pride, loneliness, friendship, memories or achievement.

Do you remember a commercial that spoke to you in some way? Perhaps there was a famous soup brand commercial that made you think back to your childhood… maybe you caught a stomach bug when you were about eight years old. Your mom or dad nursed you back to health with that specific, delicious soup… and now, your child has the flu. You watch an advertisement about how this particular soup ties families together and the next day, you buy a can of that same soup to feed to your sick child. The advertising agency has created a successful campaign! It pulled at your heartstrings, made you examine your current condition, and lead you to take action.

Storytelling to Create a Response from Creative Imagery.

This style works better for more rational types of advertising. 16% of successful advertising comes from simply showing the statistics or cold, hard facts. Does that mean rational advertising is less successful than an empathy-related advertising campaign? Not if it’s done right. Sometimes the best way to communicate what your company can offer is by showing its numbers. But what I love to do at Rip Media is make the numbers looks interesting! How?


Whiteboard Animation Videos are a blank slate to keep facts moving and still maintain the attention span of your viewers. But there are other ways to drop the facts too. I like to have my team consult with each of our clients to figure out what will be the best setting (time and place) for your corporate video production.


If you’re working with us to create a whiteboard video production, we want to stress the importance of color! Whiteboard doesn’t equal a white screen. It’s filled with beautiful images from our best animators to communicate your story. And if you’re working with Rip Media on a live-action narrative, rest assured that our creative team is still selective in the color palette of your project. We take great detail in planning ahead and also execute color correction to make sure your project has a seamless flow.

The Tone of Voice:

I’m not just talking about a narrator’s voice, although we do collaborate with voice actors on a number of projects and have a selective casting process. But when I say “tone of voice,” I mean the impression that’s made about the character of your business. For example, a commercial or corporate video for the WWE is going to look and feel different than an explainer video for the latest night-light teddy-bear at Toys “R” Us. Well, I hope so. Ha! A WWE corporate video may feature chiseled actors, a grizzly announcer or two, flashing lights and heavy-metal music. But the night-light teddy bear will likely showcase a calm environment—a child tucked under the covers, peacefully asleep.


Music has the power to change moods. It’s important to select a track or composer who can empower a director’s vision for your whiteboard video production. For the most part, you want music that will tie your setting, color, and tone of voice together. It can be hard for professionals who don’t have creative strengths to know what that means, but that’s why I’m here to help guide you in any whiteboard animation services. Granted, sometimes there are exceptions to matching music—Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino have both directed violently graphic scenes, but used soothing, classical music. And have you ever noticed that as the music builds, a scene escalates? Think about “Jaws,” or “Lord of the Rings.” Music is important!


Not everyone in the world has the creative vision to direct a movie or commercial. At Rip Media, we hand-select directors with experience. When we look at their repertoire, we know who can marry setting, color, the tone of voice and music together. We can tell which directors build more emotionally-driven explainer videos, or who can create a visually-driven rational campaign. It’s not enough for someone to say “I can do it,” it’s important to know they can do it.

Additional Information

  1. Empower your brand. You’ve probably decided to utilize something like whiteboard animation services so you can draw people to your company. Excuse the pun. In all seriousness, a powerful story should still reflect the quality of business you are trying to promote. You’re the star of your product, but we want to come up with a clever way to feature you.
  2. Create stories that are memorable. Do you remember your favorite Super Bowl ad? Maybe it was one that made you laugh out loud or another that moved you to tears. Do you remember what the product was for? Most likely. Again, this is the power of storytelling in advertising.
  3. Create stories that are for the long-run; this is not the same as being memorable! Short-term advertising focuses on topical information or statistics that are likely to change. When the next study or statistic is released, the information on your old video might be invalid. Take note—if you have a short-term focused corporate video, plan to make another! Some of my clients prefer a series of topical videos, but other clients want one solid campaign that can last them for a couple years. Whatever your preference is, I want to make sure the quality of the whiteboard animation production is memorable.

It’s time to ditch the boring and stuffy corporate videos. Consider giving your PowerPoint presentations new life—turn them into an engaging whiteboard animation videos. A little bit of storytelling goes a long way. Online video marketing instantly makes a product familiar and creates a bigger impact on the viewer.  For anyone who wants to expand their business and promote their product to the best of their ability, videos truly create a happy, marketable ending.

Your Story Begins Here

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