Five Ways to Use Whiteboard Animation in your Business

Color Whiteboard Animation

There has been a lot of talk about whiteboard technology and whiteboard animation over the past year or so. This is partly due to the fact that the medium has taken a front seat in the marketing world thanks to big brands using it for their projects and ad messages. Apple, Microsoft, and many other high-profile technology companies have made it a focus of their ad strategies. Animation is wildly popular itself thanks to such innovative companies as Pixar Studios and Dreamworks Animation.

It seems that Hollywood often sets the tone for what will later become mainstream media, even when it takes a while to catch on. How can you use this new technology in a digital form to benefit your business? Here are a few ways.

  1. Create original whiteboard concepts and form them into dynamic sales messages. People respond to whiteboard animation more positively than talking head videos, and you can get your message across much faster.
  2. Create a storyline with a great script. People love a good story, so if you tell an interesting story using whiteboard animation, you will captivate your audience faster and retain their attention longer. Creating a story draws them into your message in a way that traditional formats cannot. Hollywood directors say, “Just tell a great story.” This says a lot about where our priorities should be when creating a video for the masses.
  3. Create explainer videos for your current customers or employees to explain a process. Using this technology allows you to go into the details of a process or procedure without boring the viewer. Research shows that the use of whiteboard technology also may help them retain your message twice as long as if they read a manual on how to do something or watched a more traditional talking head instructional video.
  4. Create demos for clients and B2B customers. For businesses which deal with B2B sales, you can create custom demos for these customers which will resonate with them better than other types of media.
  5. Whiteboard animations are versatile, and you can put them on YouTube to get your message to the masses. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and the 3rd most visited site on the Internet today. You cannot afford to miss this traffic. Creating a whiteboard animation puts you in front of the video seekers who are looking for the very things that you have to offer.

These are five great ideas to launch your whiteboard animations. You can produce a whiteboard video on your own or find someone to do it for you. If you are a business wanting to promote your brand in the most professional manner, you will want a professional video or animation company to do this for you. You’ll end up with the most professional product to promote your brand.

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