Have a Case Study? Make a Whiteboard Animation Video

Vigilant Solutions

Not too long ago, one of our clients, Vigilant Solutions, had customer stories that they wanted to tell. All good. Then the details came in: They wanted 10 of them, and needed them created in an extremely short amount of time so they could share them at the biggest trade show of the year in their industry.

They considered their options, trying to figure out what would make their trade show a true success:

1. Design a hard-copy stagnant display of a wall of text details and photos to illustrate each case study?
2. Create a PowerPoint presentation (which is just a computerized stagnant display of photos and text)?
3. Film and create talking head videos that focused on one person talking to the audience? No.
4. Work with Rip Media Group to explain each case study in a visually-stimulating whiteboard animation video that would catch their audience’s attention.

When we discussed the options with them, there was no comparison—they decided to work with us and create whiteboard animation videos to explain each of the customer stories they had. Rather than flying teams all over the country and film, compile, edit and deliver in weeks, they chose to go with a UNIQUE option…to do something different and unique…to take a chance at standing out.

That turned out to be a big win for them.

Sure, hand drawn whiteboard videos might seem like an unlikely source for case study videos, Rip Media Group had the pleasure of turning this company’s real stories into a real success for the company.

The case study animation videos stood out from the crowd and helped the business convert more leads into sales. Marketing at its finest!

If you want to know the PROS and CONS of using whiteboard animation for customer case study videos? I am happy to share some with you:


High-quality with solid value. Whiteboard animation videos are a great investment if enough is invested in them to make them high quality. You don’t have to work with all the elements: scheduling your customers and entertaining them, wondering if they will be late to set, or freeze on camera…there are many other scenarios that can make customer testimonial videos need higher budgets to assure success.

No traveling required. Whiteboard animation videos can capture a location or setting without having to travel or scout out locations. Talented artists can create a beautiful resemblance to the people and locations your team is working with. In fact, we can even work with clients like NASA, and create a ‘lunar landing’ in hours—no space travel to the required!

Whiteboard animation captures people’s attention. Studies show that whiteboard animation audiences naturally have a sense of anticipation when watching the production. In fact, people’s brains release endorphins when an artist finishes his/her illustration.

Faster production. With one artist creating a series of images, there is faster turnaround time that shooting multiple days with actors or company members and having to edit all of that additional footage. You’d be surprised—a lot can end up in on the cutting room floor. Production can even be faster if your company has decided to make a series of multiple videos with Rip Media Group. We produce them in parallel and have dozens of projects occurring at the same time.

Difficult subject matter can be sensitively addressed. Whiteboard animation videos are generally considered “family friendly.” While there might be a tough subject your company needs to discuss, the videos themselves can be scripted and illustrated to reach any age group. At Rip Media Group, we are sensitive to your company’s needs and to your audience’s eyes.


• Not as authentic as live footage. This might be a negative BUT far easier to control. For instance, permission or life rights don’t have to be acquired in order to use the likeness of a criminal or detective’s image.


Below are two examples that tell compelling stories, and explain why the product was useful, even with extremely serious subjects. You’ll notice that I’ve included the transcripts of each video below. Reason being, I’m proud of the scripts we craft at Rip Media Group. We get as many details as we can about your case study and slim down the information into a well-packed story less than two minutes long.

But I’ll say this—I know you’d rather watch the video than read a paragraph of text.

That’s the point!

Had this company just gone with option #1 (stagnant text and photo images), people would’ve moved onto the next vendor. Everyone would rather watch a video that has all the details, a well-cast narrative, music that fits the tone of the piece, etc. Now, watch these whiteboard animation case study videos here:

Vigilant Solutions: Counter Terrorism Case Study Video from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.



“In a busy tourist area, two street vendors noticed smoke coming from a vehicle and notified a patrolman on duty. Emergency personnel arrived on the scene to discover that the vehicle was equipped with a car bomb. Luckily, for thousands of innocent civilians, it was disarmed before causing any casualties. Extensive investigate work by both federal and local authorities was conducted. The vehicle’s VIN number had been removed. The registration did not match the license plate. The vehicle’s owner and the owner of the license plate appeared to be involved with the incident. That’s when they turned to Vigilant. Agents ran the license plate against almost 1 billion LPR records and they found four matches. This information partnered with excellent police work lead to several suspects being identified and apprehended. Just moments before boarding a plane, the primary suspect was apprehended. He admitted to the failed plot and revealed his training at an overseas terrorist camp. If these suspects had not been apprehended, they certainly would’ve tried again. Thank you to the officers and agents for using all available resources. Vigilant. Protecting officers, families and communities. Saving lives.”



“Like all good detectives and crime analysts, Detective Perez uses every available tool to get investigate leads. Today, his use of Vigilant help crack a major case. A rash of identity theft was being ordered from families of ailing and recently deceased veterans. Someone was using personal information from the veterans to secure credit to rack up massive debts. Detective Perez’s police work led him to a common characteristic of the victims. They had all been patients at a local VA hospital. He was able to identify a suspect in the case, a nurse with ties to all the victims. Then, things got interesting. The suspect fled after hearing about the investigation and could not be found. The case appeared to reach a dead end. Using Vigilant’s national data sharing ability, Detective Perez was able to search almost one billion LPR records and locate the suspect’s vehicle in another state, almost two-thousand miles away, parked at another hospital where she had gained new employment. Using this information, Detective Perez was able to contact local authorities who located the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect was later convicted, bringing peace the victims and their families, and also preventing the same from happening to countless others. Thanks to excellent police work aided by Vigilant Solutions.”

Are you or your company wondering what to do with your case studies? Work with Rip Media Group. Remember, story starts here!