Increasing Sales Via Video Productions And Whiteboard Animations

Increasing Sales with Video Production

If you’re here – and you’re not one of our regular customers – then you were probably searching for ways to increase your sales via video productions or whiteboard animations. Well you’ve come to the right place, that’s for sure. Online video production – which incorporates whiteboard animations, live action, 3D animation, motion graphics and 2D animation – is proving a sure means to boosting your sales, your customer base and brand awareness. And here at Rip Media Group, that’s what we do every single day.

Let’s take you through the very basics; things you need to do to ensure your finished video production (or whiteboard animation!) ticks all the check marks and gives you something not just to be proud of but something that gives you a solid ROI.

Short Is Sweet

The longer your video production is, the more time you’re giving potential customers to give up on you and find someone else. So make ‘em short! Make ‘em snackable! If you have THAT much information you want to share, then break up the script into shorter ones.


If you’re making the bold choice to appear in the video production yourself then make sure you’re as confident as possible. If you’re choosing to be the face of your product then you’d better make sure it’s amazing in every single way.


If you’re brand/service requires a detailed explanation, remember to give it one in a step-by-step process. There’s no need to rush. Maybe you can find a fun way to position each step as you get to it (music change, special graphic, etc).

Put A Distribution Model In Place Early

Now is the time to figure out where your video production’s going to go. So create accounts on YouTube. Facebook. Instagram. Figure out which social media platform works for you then start building it. Then, when your video’s ready to go it has a place to be shown.

Great Equipment

Make sure the equipment you’re working with – cameras, sound, etc – are working! It’s nothing short of frustrating to find out in the edit bay that you didn’t capture a person talking.

Of course, you can bypass all those steps and leave it to us! Here at Rip Media Group we excel in making video productions, whiteboard animations, motion graphics and more for companies like yours.

Remember – your story starts here!