The Marriage of Whiteboard Video and Technology

Whiteboard Video

When you think of whiteboard videos, the phrase “high-tech” might not leap to mind. After all, these marketing standbys have always had a decidedly simple visual style.

However, technology and whiteboard videos seem destined for one another. For one thing, Silicon Valley firms keep discovering that these videos can explain their products in straightforward and entertaining ways. In fact, no matter how sophisticated a new device or software program might be, whiteboard animation can describe it quickly and clearly.

A strong point of a whiteboard video is that it presents a scenario everyone can relate to. That is, it evokes the elementary school experience. Taking in such a presentation is a little like spending time with a favorite teacher from a bygone era. Thus, the appeal of this format is both wide and deep.

As words and images appear and disappear — most likely with an animated hand doing the writing and drawing — those watching find themselves having fun. When they’re done right, these explications are witty and amusing, and all the way through, they make people wonder what will come next. As a result, these videos tend to zip by, and once they’re over, a beaming and newly enlightened viewer might remark: “Hey, I never knew that!”

Take a look at these videos we created for WorkPop as perfect examples:  

Workpop Dash Whiteboard Animation from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

Workpop Spark Whiteboard Animation from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

Better yet, technology continues to improve the process of creating whiteboard animation. Thanks to relatively new video software, these videos can be produced relatively quickly now, and they’re easy to update as necessary. These programs also make it affordable to include the sharpest possible images along with fluid movements, catchy music and maybe even a sound effect here and there.

As the river of technology keeps rolling along, the virtues of whiteboard animated videos remain constant. They’re concise, and they can boil a topic down to its very essence. Their narrations feel relaxed and effortless. And, especially important for the purposes of marketing and attracting new customers, they’re highly rewatchable and shareable. Indeed, few types of explainer videos can top whiteboard animation when it comes to telling the story of tech in a crisp, charming and engaging manner.

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