Using Whiteboard Animation Videos to Promote a Product

Using Video to Promote a Product

Did you know the typical adult in the United States watches around five hours of video content a day? Whether they watch these videos on YouTube, Facebook or another video service, the amount of time spent watching videos online by adults is significant. It’s one reason why advertisers are increasing spending on web-generated content. They want to take advantage of potential customers who are clinging to cell phone and computer screens.

If you are planning on selling a product, it is crucial that you make a marketing video (or multiple videos) for online advertising. There are a lot of different styles to choose from and Rip Media Group can produce them all. But for this particular article, I want to go over the benefits of working with us to create whiteboard animation videos for your next promotional campaign.

Explain the Details

Hand-drawn whiteboard animation videos allow consumers to hear and watch details about your company and the product you are promoting. Statistics and details do not have to be boring! Thanks to collaborating with whiteboard animation artists at the top of their field, Rip Media Group works to make the boring things interesting. At the same time, your promotional or explainer video will still possess clear and concise language. Imagery is utterly important when you are trying to—

Establish Tone

Not all whiteboard animation videos are created to be equal. Believe it or not, whiteboard animation videos can have different tones. Tone is determined by a variety of factors:

  1. The script: Our professional writers want to know the details of your product and company to best market it. At Rip Media Group, we want an audience to connect with your business, so it’s important to know all about you and tell your story.
  2. Style of the animator: Every artist has their own style. When you walk into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Chicago Art Institute, or the Getty Museum, you’ll see walls covered in artists spanning the centuries—and there’s few that look the exact same. Same goes for animators. After all, the animation is an art form. We’ll work together to find the best animator for your project.
  3. Type of music: Music changes everything! The US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health (phew, that was a mouthful) published an article about the power music has to affect a person’s mood. It’s true. Have you ever noticed how movies utilize music to build up tension in a scene? Some soundtracks are even iconic, like Chariots of Fire, Rocky or Lord of the Rings. Music is utterly important for determining your video’s tone; some tunes can even change a comedic piece into a drama and vice versa.
  4. The call to action: How you “land” your video also affects tone. It’s important to remember that your call to action shouldn’t jar your audience in a negative way. Bringing up your contact information should be in the same tone as the rest of your whiteboard animation video.

Keep Customers Engaged

Rip Media Group specializes in telling your company’s story. I explain the power of storytelling in this blog. But it’s not just story-telling that makes the difference in your whiteboard video production. With whiteboard animation videos, the picture of your company’s product is literally moving the entire time—captivating people’s attention. Whiteboard Animation is constantly moving at a fast pace, always revealing new information to your potential customers.

Ever notice how crucial editing is in a commercial, television series or film? Editors know audience members are constantly tempted to change the channels, click back to the previous page or click the “x” to exit. For this reason, editors are forced to cut back and forth between scenes and reactions. With whiteboard animation, this type of editing isn’t always required, because the illustrator has already engaged his or her viewers.

Your Product

Your product is the star of the show no matter what story is developed to promote it. That’s why it’s so important to land on that call to action. But throughout your whiteboard animation video, we’ll feature how the product with help your target audience, because that’s who you are trying to sell the item to. And no matter where the story goes, the end of your whiteboard animation video will land back on your product. That’s again where the “call to action” takes place. Tell your audience what to do: pick up the phone and call now, order online or share the video. If your product can change one person’s life, then it can certainly change another’s as well.

Work with Professionals

I cannot stress enough the importance of working with professionals when it comes to producing whiteboard animation videos. Your audience will be able to tell when you use quality artists, story-tellers, direction and more. Remember, the quality of your company’s video productions is always a reflection of the face of your company. If you haven’t updated your company’s web page or videos recently, it’s time to get new material up there and show your customers you are not out of touch.

Your company’s marketing team will want things to run smoothly, on time and on budget. I built Rip Media Group from the ground up to help assess my client’s needs and achieve their video marketing dreams. Whiteboard animation video can and will help sell your product by using this simple formula I listed above. And did I mention everything listed above can be happening simultaneously? Because it does.

The point of video marketing is to attract people to your company’s product and convert your audience members into sales leads. Whiteboard animation videos have been proven to work time and time again. Whether you’re a biotech company announcing cutting-edge technology or a small business owner getting legs on the “About Us” section of your website, whiteboard animation videos are where it’s at.

In any line of work, there are benefits to choosing and using a professional.  The same is true of hiring a professional video marketing company.  When you’re ready to make that video to showcase your shiny new product, give us a buzz!  We’re experts in the area of product promotion and whiteboard video production.

With Rip Media Group, your story starts here!