Using Whiteboard Animation to Enhance Any Event – Trade Show to Training

Whiteboard Animation

No matter which sector you may be employed in, using video, be it 3D animation, motion graphics, live, or whiteboard animation is the best method of engaging potential customers and driving sales.

Let’s focus today on Whiteboard Animation.

Are you looking for an easy, lower-cost way to add pizzazz to your conference, trade show or training? The following is an overview of the top ways using whiteboard animation can enhance your upcoming event:

  1.    Capture Your Audience’s Attention

One of the biggest obstacles to securing large numbers of sales lies in the ability, or lack thereof, to capture your audience’s attention and prove your goods and/or services to be attention-worthy.

“Time Magazine,” “The New York Times” and more sources report that humans now have less than a four-second attention span. The best way to keep a potential customer engaged is by having them watch a captivating animation.

Psychologists have studied the brain patterns of people who watch whiteboard animation and have discovered that people stay focused on the screen because they are subconsciously anticipating the next image to appear.

When an audience member is rapt with anticipation, dopamine is released in his or her brain (dopamine activates a happy feeling). And when your customers are happy, they’re more like to become your client. But before we get ahead of ourselves–

  1.    Educate Your Audience

In order to get those great conversion rates, your whiteboard animation video must also educate your audience. Did you know that whiteboard animation videos make excellent explainer videos?

Here’s why: Studies have shown that up to 65 percent of the population are visual learners by nature. According to the Visual Teaching Alliance, 90% of information that is transmitted to the brain is visual and the human mind can process visuals 60,000x faster than text!

That’s A LOT faster!

Professional whiteboard animation production companies not only hire talented animators to help visual learners but at Rip Media Group, we also cast the perfect voice actor to narrate your video.

Why is that important? Because auditory learners will enjoy their experience too. It’s no wonder audiences and classrooms alike experience an easier time learning from whiteboard animation videos than boring lectures and speeches. No matter how great of a speaker you may be, whiteboard animation videos capture a majority of those ready to learn.

It’s also important to note that whiteboard animation videos naturally lend themselves to educate their audiences because people technically learn more and remember more when they’re in a relaxed environment.

Through engaging hand-drawn pictures and a carefully-selected narrator, a professionally-produced whiteboard animation video can be just what your audience needs to learn all about your company or product.

This is particularly helpful for trades shows and corporate training. Whether you’re teaching customers or new employees about your company, a whiteboard animation video can help teach them quickly and creatively!

Think your product or company is too difficult to explain? At Rip Media Group, our expert storytellers and animators carefully dissect even the most complicated of processes into the simplest explanations.

  1.    Amp Up Your Audience!

Everyone loves cheering for a unifying vision that can change their lives or change the world. With a powerful whiteboard animation, your company’s goals can be clearly communicated to your vision and get them excited!

That’s why your vision it is utterly important to nail down your company’s story during the pre-production process. In order to be able to end on a strong call to action, your whiteboard animation has to have a story that moves people to that action! When your audience members focus on the positive attributes of your company or product, they’ll be convinced to do something after it ends!

  1.    Has Your Audience Take Home Your Message

Whiteboard animation videos can not only enhance your event but have your audience take a part of the event home with them! What do I mean? When you upload your whiteboard animation to your website or another online video distributor (like YouTube or Vimeo), your potential clients can be given a link that will give them the opportunity to watch the video again.

Use these online resources to your benefit. Give your audience the option to watch your video where they want and when they want. Repetition helps increase the likelihood of a sales conversation. More exposure is never a bad thing!

  1.    Share the Vision

Now, that your video has:

  1. Captured your audience’s attention
  2. Educated them on your product or company
  3. Gotten your audience excited
  4. A link for the audience to take home with them


Incentivize your audience to share the video link with their friends and family!

What does that turn into? MORE CONVERSIONS, MORE LEADS, MORE SALES. Engaging videos go viral, so make sure your whiteboard animation has a strong story, great animators and is high-quality. At Rip Media Group, we guarantee our clients all of those things, because we want people to succeed in their marketing goals.

  1.    Reward Your Audience!

While the satisfying imagery is enough to engage with your audience, consult with your marketing team about a video promotion that will save your customers money upfront.

For instance, when your animation video is played at a trade show or marketing event, a promo code or “mention you saw this video,” can help draw more potential leads. If those new clients like your company and product (who wouldn’t?…it’s awesome, isn’t it?), they’ll again share the video with colleagues, friends, and family in order for them to get the same promotional sale.

Overall, using whiteboard animation videos brings an array of benefits for businesses of all kinds. By putting together a whiteboard animation for your next event, you will vastly increase the impact of your presentation by providing an entertaining method to reinforce your verbal message.

Most importantly, your video will be memorable. Your whiteboard animation video will brand your company has a high-quality business (by being resourceful with your budget).

Let our creative experts Greenlight your Whiteboard Animation today!  Remember, your story starts here!