Video Marketing Success Stories QnA: Creating a New 3D Whiteboard Animation World

Smartsource_3D Whiteboard animation

I had another great opportunity to take part in a podcast where I was asked about a special project for a special client.  Here’s an excerpt from that interview. Let me know what you think!

HOST:  Welcome to Video Marketing Success Stories. I’m Andy Glickman, your host. Each week we take a look at news from the video marketing world and talk with some key players in the industry to get their take on what makes things work and various pitfalls to avoid. 

Today we have Founder and CEO of Rip Media Group, one of the top video marketing production companies in the LA area, Mr. Maury Rogow. Maury, thank you for joining us today. 

MAURY:  Happy to be here as always. Thanks for having me again. 

HOST:  We’ve talked in recent weeks about a lot of interesting past clients and styles as well. And one client from the past that I thought was really interesting was SmartSource, a video that really created a dynamic visual world of hand drawn animation with some 3D. Talk about how you got the client to say, “Yeah, that’s what we should do.”

MAURY:  Yeah, that’s not always an easy thing. You know, every client’s different. Some have a real precise way of how they want to do things. Others are just very open.  And some say, “I’ll let you know when I see it cause I don’t know yet.” 

SmartSource reached out to us and said, “We’d really like your help telling our brand story in a different way than we’ve done in the past.” They really wanted something that was very visually different, but really tell a story.

So we got to chatting about how we go through our process and they really loved the way we do things. So we put an agreement together to go and build a batch of assets for a bunch of stories and start executing these stories and turn them into videos that they would be able to use to get more business, but not do it in a really obvious list format way, but to do it through telling a story. So that’s really how it started off.

HOST:  As it relates to the visuals, how would you define this? It seems to be such a melding of different worlds in terms of the art creation. 

MAURY:  Yeah. I like to call this world a whiteboard animation 3D world. It’s very different. It’s hand drawn, hand sculpted and crafted by our artists. But then instead of just being where you see the pencil drawing things on, what we did is we actually put it into layers. So you’ll see some really cool camera movements. 

The way it works with 3D is you actually build the characters, you build them in 3D models. So a camera can move the whole way around a figure, and you get the full 3D view.

So once you build the world, you then have a virtual camera that moves through the world and can catch lots of different angles. That’s what we decided to do with this whiteboard motion graphics, with muted color, like it’s really on canvas, but then move through the world with the camera. 

They have a lot of things that they do, so we decided to just follow one person going through an entire convention center.   We’ll see him pass everything by that SmartSource does in an over the shoulder shot. We had the camera go through and we had people at work and you see these banners pop up and show what they’re doing. 

After we move through the office setting, we move backstage where this big stage is set up, and you see this really cool 3D turn where we finally get the reveal of our main character and now we find out he’s the main speaker on stage at this big conference.  

HOST:  Often times a client has their input which may be counter to the way things are being done or the way you might want to do things. Was there much resistance in this case? 

MAURY: When you have a reference point, you can say, “Hey, we did a video just like this.” But this was a whole new world that we created. It’s difficult for a customer that’s not working in the visual or creative to really understand how this is going to look. So it wasn’t like it was resistance. It was a customer that really wants to do the best for their brand and wants to make sure that it’s gonna look right, look like them, but a better version.

There’s a quote that I love which says customers don’t buy your product, they buy a better version of themselves. So we wanted to have this customer SmartSource be the best version of themselves and show the best version of their customers that they could. That’s why we have everybody in the video happily working, showing that SmartSource removes all the stress from very stressful trade shows and the like.  

They just wanted to make sure they were represented well and I think we did that.  We took the style frames and we did some animation tests and showed them what this new world would look like.  Five or 10 seconds to make sure they gave us the thumbs up. And when they saw it, they really liked it.

HOST:  Well it’s a wonderful lesson for how creativity can rule the day for any video marketing company and also for clients. We certainly hope that everybody who engages in video marketing can embrace creativity and embrace a side of themselves that they didn’t know they had and embrace capabilities that they didn’t know they had. And I think for SmartSource, the team at Rip Media Group did a great job. 

That’s all the time we have for today’s episode of Video Marketing Success Stories. Once again, I want to thank my guest, CEO and Founder of Rip Media Group. Thank you, Maury. And to all our listeners out there, you can take a look at the link for the SmartSource video and we’ll also include some contact information if you want to reach out to Maury and his team at Rip Media Group with any questions or interesting thoughts that you have for your company. For today’s episode, this is Andy Glickman. Thank you very much for joining us. Take care everybody.

For more information on the SmartSource video, or how Rip Media Group’s style of video marketing can help your company, go to today.