Whiteboard Animation Defined

Whiteboard Animation Defined


With all the new technology coming to center stage these days, there are a host of new words which are helping to redefine the industry. Two of these terms are “whiteboard animation” and “animation video.” Ever heard of them? It’s okay if you haven’t, we forgive you. People may use these terms in a variety of ways, but what exactly are they? You’re about to find out!


When “talking head” videos, testimonials, or explainer videos are not quite enough, a whiteboard animation may be the best solution. Whiteboard animation is a process of telling a creative story which is physically drawn on a whiteboard or done on a virtual whiteboard. It includes cartoon artistry as well as a wide array of other types of animated art.

Your goal should be to find a way to stand out among the thousands of videos that are uploaded to YouTube monthly so that you target the people who are interested in your message. But how do you do this? Whiteboard animation videos are four times more effective than any other form of video, so that’s reason enough to zero in on this new technology and find out why the appeal is so strong. Maybe it just comes down to the fact that it’s simply awesome. But we’ll let you figure it out on your own.


Animation videos include a larger number of animation techniques than strictly whiteboard animations. Animations can be created in a number of ways. You can use cartoon creation software, basic animation software, or other online tools to create your animated videos. This is a powerful way to get your message to the masses, and it is considered highly entertaining by viewers. This of course means they will likely return for more. This gives you an opportunity to create a series of regular videos that keep people engaged. And that’s key to bringing people back for more!


Words are powerful, but spoken words presented with a great visual style are much more impactful than static text or standard video alone. This aspect is extremely important because your “call to action” is normally placed at the end of the video, and you want viewers to stick around to hear this so that they will know how to take action.


The primary focus of your explainer video, corporate video, or animated video should be to get the customer’s attention and KEEP it. You want them not only to enjoy your video, but also to bookmark it and come back later for more. Video marketing online has become as important to the success of an online business as TV network ads are to Super Bowl sponsors. Many businesses even go so far as to create their own channel that allows users to subscribe and to come back regularly for more content. Now that’s what we like to call, SMART!

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