Whiteboard Animation Is Dead. Long Live Story: The Sequel

Whiteboard Animation is Dead

A short while ago we posted a blog that boldly – if not with tongue firmly buried in cheek – proclaimed that whiteboard animation was dead.  We’ve had a lot of responses to that blog, not least of which were from clients and prospective clients asking if they should change up what they’re planning in terms of whiteboard animation video. The short answer is “no.”

Here’s the longer answer.

Whiteboard Animation is alive and well when done correctly.  But it’s not just originality that’s part of this very important equation.  Story is the other part – the X factor – and if you don’t know what X is, you’ve got nothing.  You have to spend time learning your weaknesses, finding where you are losing interest, and cultivate a story that engages people at that moment.  This is why we focus firmly on STORY first…not whiteboard first.

Rip Media Group knows Whiteboard Animation pretty well; we were recently voted the Number One production company for Whiteboard Animation video productions.   So with those credentials established, we can speak with some authority on what constitutes a good story, and a great whiteboard animation video.

Whiteboard Animation can be produced a number of ways and the worst way, hands down, are the cheap versions. Shipping it off to low-end animation studios in other parts of the world is going to give you a very basic result. When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. High-end technique and style are the only options. It’s got to blow people’s socks off and grab attention.  Your video is going to be THE highest ranking item you will place on your website and social media when done well.  When they are not done well, well, it tarnishes your brand, doesn’t tell your story, and tells the world ‘we didn’t care to invest in you, our prospects and customers, and tell a core story’.

Think about this for a second…you’ve all seen it before.  A competitor puts up a video that is cheap or doesn’t grab attention….you think ‘PHEW! Dodged a bullet there!”.  On the other hand think about this…your arch rival and competitor puts up their new video or videos and a good story is told, the quality is high, the message is clear, it matches their brand, and grabs attention…you think ‘Oh no, that is going to sting, we need our own video to help us!’.

Yes, yes you do…so let’s do it right.  You certainly do not want to copy them, and you do need quality.

So, let’s explore what we called “the X factor” – it’s story. If your whiteboard animation doesn’t have story or substance, then it’s no good.  Whiteboard can work – but without a good story and good technique (in that order!), it all falls apart.

Let’s look at three of the whiteboard animations we’ve produced here at Rip Media Group.  The most important part is setting up the goal, then we work on style.  As you can see, each of these was created with very different looks.  Each customer had different audiences, different corporate messaging, and different brand guidelines.  So, we create our work to match our client needs.  So, you will see a very realistic art style based on historical figures, you will also see a more character-based animation because the subject matter is already quite serious, and you will see a more symbol based animation.  All have increased revenue, brand awareness, and had wonderful results:

https://vimeo.com/115024919 In this video, Phenomenex and The Analytical Scientist joined together to create the Humanity in Science Award, a prize that recognizes the research and science carried out that impacts the health and well-being of others. The clients tasked Rip Media Group to create an engaging call-to-action video to generate awareness and spur on submissions to the prize.

https://vimeo.com/110382529 In this whiteboard animation video, the goal was to help explain the changes in the US educational system. We did it by telling a story and incorporating some great animation!

https://vimeo.com/98453275 This whiteboard animation was done for Manatt Digital Media – a disruptive full-service digital media services business created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, ranging from individuals to companies of every size and stage-start-up, growth, or mature public.

So Whiteboard Animation is alive and well – as long as a story is a part of it, and you’re not doing some cheapo version.

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