Whiteboard Animation Superpowers: Corporate Videos that Save The Day!

Whiteboard Animation Superhero

It’s not every day that we compare a type of corporate video to a superhero, but whiteboard and 3D animation — POW!! KABLAM!! — have marketing capabilities that are out of this world. It might sound cheesy, but I know you’ll be surprised. Get ready to read this jaw-dropping list of superpowers… [cue theme music]… Here are the ways standing out from the crowd saves the day:

  • Well created animation videos capture people’s attention.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s whiteboard animation! As silly as it may sound, whiteboard animation captures people’s attention like Superman flying in the sky. Why? There’s a lot of reasons, but we’ll mention: 1. They’re visually stimulating if and only when they are done well, 2. They’re educational while not being obvious about it, and 3. They’re fun to watch unfold

Let me give you an example of how all three of those reasons play out in a single scenario…

Imagine you’re sitting at your desk sorting emails. It’s another boring work day. You overhear an educational video on a product that would help your company (for this example, let’s say it’s a 3D printing business). So what do you do? You look over the cubicle and ask “what are you watching?” and your co-worker shares his or her screen… an eye-popping whiteboard animation video appears and you watch the video together.

Together, you enjoy learning about this company, the process they use for 3D printing, and how they can help your business. But this is not just another talking head video, it’s a high-quality animated video that manages to bring you back to your childhood. It’s definitely more likely you’ll call the 3D printing company and become another successful lead conversion.

  •    Quality animation videos create a telepathic experience.

While whiteboard animation or hand-drawn art based videos can’t read your mind, studies show that humans try to anticipate the completion of an artist’s hand-drawn image. When the picture is complete, chemicals in the brain send a signal of satisfaction and happiness.

The beauty of whiteboard animation is that it doesn’t stop at one image. Instead, audience members watch a series of images that an artist draws to the very end. That means the human brain is glued to screen waiting for the next hit of dopamine until your corporate video is over and your message is cemented in their head.

  •    Professional animation videos have x-ray vision.

Okay, not literally. But —professional animation videos give your target audience an amazing view into your company. Whether you use them as a comprehensive explainer video, an introduction video to your business, or an educational promo on a new product you’re releasing, well created animation videos lead their viewers on a step-by-step journey into what they didn’t know about you or your product before and why they need it.

  • Professional animation videos have the power of VISIBILITY.

Who actually wants their company to be invisible? If there’s anything more damaging for a small or large business, it’s never being known. Whiteboard animation videos are a great way to introduce your company and explain the goal of your business and its process.

I’ve said it countless times and I’ll say it again— videos that do your work for you are the best explainer videos. People love transparency. Your customers want to know they can trust you. So give them video that shows them how your business can really help them and don’t be boring about it.  They can read whitepapers, textbooks, and do deep research in the next step…Grab attention.

  •    Whiteboard animation videos can teleport.

Wait, how can a video teleport? You can use whiteboard animation videos to increase your company’s web presence and travel all around the world at the same time. I give a number of tips about marketing through the internet in my blog, “10 Tips to Improve Online Video Marketing and Business Blogging.”

The internet is your friend, use it to build your company’s brand. Get your animation video online and encourage people to like and share it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

For an even stronger marketing strategy, remember to add keywords, categories, and hashtags where needed and track the demographics of your customers. If your company doesn’t have a newsletter, consider using marketing automation, from MailChimp to ActOn or other services to provide one. (Full disclosure, Act-On s a client in that we have done animation with a superhero in multiple languages for them.  THIS ONE is in German).

With your animation, you actually have the capability to share your latest announcement via video in the body of those newsletters!

  •  Animated videos work at lightning speed.

That doesn’t mean a narrator is speeding through dialogue so quickly that you can’t understand what he or she is saying. Instead, carefully crafted stories written by screenwriters at Rip Media Group only need a few minutes to share a powerful story about your company. Through professional editing software, we do speed up the artist’s process for each image, so it’s presented to an audience faster than the normal speed of time. That way, a fast-moving image can sync with the normal speaking narrator.

  •    Animated videos can travel time.

Rip Media Group works on all different types of corporate videos. Live-Narrative action pieces can be a wonderful addition to your company’s website or promotions, but they have the potential to become quickly outdated. How? With technology advancing every year, the quality of video footage, whether 3D special effects or even simple camera quality, can change in a heartbeat. Recognizable actors can also put your live action piece in jeopardy of appearing “old,” well, because we all get older—actors included.

This is why whiteboard animations are ageless. Their shelf life is significantly longer than other forms of corporate videos (dare I say, immortal?), your company doesn’t have to sacrifice quality or your budget (or your soul).

Now, do you believe that quality animation videos really have superpowers?

It’s time for your company to take flight with whiteboard animation videos! Draw in your target audience, increase your visibility, expand your web presence, and make a smart business investment with a series of timeless videos.

At Rip Media Group, we want to help your business succeed through the power of storytelling. Your customers are waiting to be “wowed” by your company. Fortunately, here at Rip Media Group, we place a premium on cultural relevance, and we constantly familiarize ourselves with recent social and artistic trends, making SUPER videos shine.  We’re Rip Media Group, your story starts here!