Whiteboard Animation: Teaching Tech Simply

Whiteboard Animation

Some skills come to us naturally, like learning to walk, or speaking our first language. Other skills are more difficult to master — like technology.

New technology may be designed to be intuitive, but in practice it’s often anything but. Don’t listen to your tech-savvy kids: there’s always a learning curve for mastering a new device, especially if you’re a complete novice!

Good instructional materials can flatten that curve, and help you master tech more quickly. How can companies introduce users and employees to new technology, and help them master it quickly?

Worth a Thousand Words

Learning tech isn’t like learning to do a math problem, or learning how to bake a cake. It requires visual stimuli. Your learners have to learn exactly what to do to which parts of a device, and how you can expect it to respond if it’s behaving normally.

Written materials, like manuals and websites, can be great tools. But everyone who’s learned a new technology knows a demo is best.

But you may not be able to have a hands-on instructor on hand to walk you through the device. That’s where the power of video comes in.

Where Whiteboard Animation Excels

A whiteboard animation is a highly stylized animation, which mimics an image drawn on a whiteboard while a voice narrates. A whiteboard animation lets you show the tech in action, with important notes showing up on the screen.

But because it’s a cartoon rather than an actual video of a real person using the device, it’s more like a technical diagram. You can show your audience exactly what they need to know — no more, no less.

Whiteboard animations are wildly popular because they’re entertaining and very personable. This isn’t a dry PowerPoint, but rather something engaging and interesting that has the potential to tie in with your brand. People learn best when they’re having fun, and a whiteboard animation is a great way to get information across in a simple, step-by-step manner that’s perfect for laypeople.

So don’t worry about putting together a huge, confusing technical manual for your device. One simple whiteboard animation is all you need to get your users up and running.  

Here is a perfect example of a Whiteboard Animation we created Cepheid’s new technology:

Cepheid – Link – Whiteboard Animation from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

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