Why Spend $6 Million On Whiteboard Animation?

Rip Media

The first – and probably only – reason to spend six million dollars on whiteboard animation is if you’re buying a thirty second spot in the Super Bowl. Ad slots there in 2016 will soar to a staggering six million; an increase of $2.2 million from 2013 when CBS last aired the Big Game.

CBS CEO Les Moonves thinks that $5-6 million per thirty second spot sounds good to him (and as CEO, why wouldn’t he!). Said Moonves “NBC got $4.5 million for a thirty second spot in the Super Bowl. We’re going to get north of $5 million. Those dollars aren’t going to digital. They realize they want to get to 120 million people at once and that’s why broadcast will always be solid.”

Let’s slow that roll for a moment because not everyone has six million dollars on hand for a one-time airing of their video. Here’s what smaller business have to remember. If you’re doing a whiteboard animation as your explainer video, you can get a lot of bang for your fewer bucks by doing the right things.

What are those right things?

  1. Start with a bang. Your first three seconds are the most important and they’re going to grab the viewer by the shirt collar and not let them go.
  2. Tell a great story. Your whiteboard animation video should press as many emotional buttons as possible while creating a compelling story.
  3. Be inventive. Don’t settle on a tired old format to tell your story. Add something new to the mix. Dare to be original.
  4. If you wish to spend additional money on your campaign, once your whiteboard animation is completed, do a spend on Facebook or Twitter to draw the right people to your product.

The irony about spending six million dollars on a Super Bowl campaign is that if you don’t get that mix right, it’s pretty much all in vain and the only people who’ll remember are your employees and your family members who will go to the grave wondering why you blew six million dollars on one spot that went nowhere.

So really examine how you plan on spending your advertising money. Devise a plan that will get the most from your whiteboard animation – and maybe put some million dollar smiles on the faces of the people watching it.