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AVI SPL reached out to Rip Media Group for a 3D Animation video to explain some of their benefits.

In this modern age of information and communication, companies of all sizes need a secure and dependable video collaboration system.  AVI SPL wanted to create a video marketing effort describing their unique, high-tech infrastructure and system architecture, so they reached out to the experts Rip Media Group.

  • To create a compelling script, we gathered as much information as possible about how AVP SPL works and applied it to a specific case study: AARP.
  • Then came the fun of the creative design of the video.  The client and the Rip Media team wanted something eye-catching, so we created a 3D, virtual paper-cutout world showing how people within a single company need to communicate internally as well as externally.
  • When it came to animation, the team chose to use sophisticated 3D Styling to make a storybook come to life to tell the successful story of the relationship between AVI SPL and AARP. 

In the end, the video was a great success to AVI SPL’s overall video marketing goal.

For more information on how Rip Media Group can help you achieve your video marketing goal, contact us at www.ripmediagroup.com today.

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