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We love our clients.  Discovering what makes them special and telling that story to the world is our passion. We were hand picked from the Producer’s Guild of America, Writers Guild, Screen Actors Guild and SAAS, Media and tech companies, so we understand our clients needs.

Our own Greenlight Production Process (™) builds brands, conversions and revenue for our clients. Your deliverables are much more than the  animations and live action videos. The deliverable is growing your business.

If you love creating, have next level skills, an incredibly positive attitude, and love (we mean LOVE) customers, then……

Producers Guild of America


The Guy At the Top of This List

I am fascinated by stories that impact people, and love being a 'Hollywood Producer'.

My previous career marketing complex tech & SAAS was a success because I created inspiring story-based presentations.  The best example: we grew our brand and sold to Cisco for over $1Billion.

Now, I help hundreds of businesses succeed with strong visual storytelling! I produced movies, TV commercials, and am a mentor in The Producers Guild of America and love helping companies grow. See my book: Rise of The Entrepreneur

Fun Facts: Black belt in Karate, and a winner on the game show 'Deal-or-No-Deal'. Can't rest unless I've created a magic moment.


Talent Wrangler

What good are excellent stories without the creative talent to bring them to life? This is where I come in!  Give me the vision and I’ll put it in play. Show me island and I’ll uncover where the treasure's buried.

I’m thrilled to seek out new talent & present the GOLD to the team & our clients.

Fun Fact: Midwest Farmer’s Daughter. Nothing beats a lemon shake-up & funnel cake while watching a tractor pull at the County Fair! Smell that diesel!


Black Belt in Brainstorming

With an extensive background in both writing and performance (stunts to comedy to mime...yes...'mime!'.), I have been telling stories my whole life. 

I know what it takes to make great stories come to life. One of my greatest passions in life is unleashing creativity, whether that be in myself or in the customers and clients I am serving.

Fun Facts: I have an amazing wife and three incredible sons; I am a HUGE fan of the NFL (Go Pats!); and if I had grown to be over six-foot-tall, I would have become a WWE pro wrestler!


Accounting Wizard

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were doing it for the Lord and not merely for people.” This is one of my favorite bible verses that I strive to live up to every day.

I am Accounting, Finance, and Administration here.  My passion is to add value to my clients and customers finding creative and sustainable solutions for them. I am absolutely honored to be working with Rip Media Group!

Fun Facts: I was an archery gold medalist and a Champion in Humorous Speech for Toastmasters International and a mom of two active boys.


Media Swiss Army Knife

For the past twenty years I have found the greatest joy working at the crossroads of visual arts & technology.

With a deep understanding of storytelling in the digital age, I use that passion, in collaboration with my clients, to change the world one video at a time. Specialty: Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Fun Fact: I enjoy skiing, scuba diving, ice hockey, music, my wife, my son and daughter. Not necessarily in that order.


Preditor AKA: Producer & Editor

I have been on both sides of the camera for a decade filming, editing, and creating new and amazing magic.  I also happen to love my world traveling days as a dancer-performer.

Fun Fact: Thank you to the mad-scientists and artists who made this hoopla possible.


The Animator Pixar Wishes They Had

Having been born into a family that owned a small production house, Tim has been in the animation his entire life.

My career started in an analog world shooting on film and painting animation cells to working with motion graphics in a completely digital world. 

Fun Fact: When I am not on calls or creating in the studio, you might find me on my mountain bike..because I'll be on the trails!


Wordsmith Expressionista

I have helped thousands realize their marketing dreams by writing kickass scripts for amazeballs videos.  In a prior life, I was a sitcom writer and continue to dabble in film screenwriting - for Will Smith, Sid Caesar, and Mad About You. 

Are you familiar with "The Hangover" and "Groundhog Day?"  Not that I wrote them - just checking if you're familiar with them.

Fun Fact: Championship slow-pitch softball pitcher and Oscar trivia buff. I can name Best Picture winners from 1927-1997 in 30 seconds.


All Things Behind the Scenes

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest writing (terrible) songs...Well, I liked them! 
My passion is creating media of all types. That means video, writing, photography, and etc, etc. If I can learn something new, then I want to be right in the middle of the action.
Fun Fact: One day I hope to be able to own and drive a vintage Honda Accord.

The Rest Of The Magic Team

Telling Your Story Visually

The other artists, animators, directors of photography, developers and designers were too busy working on your projects to join us on 'picture day'.

Fun Fact: They are too happy creating to have other hobbies…This is what they love!

How About You?

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