Meet the Team

We are Rip Media Group, a collection of award winning storytellers from the Producer’s Guild of America, Writers Guild, Screen Actors Guild and the finest corporations that use our Greenlight Production Process (™)  to create great stories.  From that process, we create your whiteboard animation, character animation and live action video to grow your business.

It’s a passion: we truly love working with our clients, discovering what makes them special and telling that story to the world.

These are our team leaders:


CEO, Creative Director

As a child, I was fascinated by the gurus that told stories in commercials and films, and I dreamed of being a producer one day. Yet, I started my career in high tech--marketing a product so complex that I realized only a story would explain the product better than so many fact-sheets. It worked. We grew and grew... And a few years later, Cisco purchased us for over $1Billion.

Now, we help our clients grow based on this core of strong storytelling. I am honored to be in The Producers Guild of America, and have been fortunate to hire the best social media, video production, and animation team in the industry. We love helping companies grow through visual storytelling.

Fun Fact: Black belt in Karate, and a winner on Deal-or-No-Deal.


Production Manager

With a long and varied background in both writing and performance, I have been telling stories my whole life. From musical theatre to stand-up comedy, from writing and producing full length plays and musicals to a few years as a professional mime (yes, I said, “MIME"), I know what it takes to make great stories come to life. One of my greatest passions in life is unleashing creativity, whether that be in myself or in the customers and clients I am serving.

Fun Fact: I have an amazing wife and two incredible sons; I am a HUGE fan of the NFL (Go Pats!); and if I had grown to be over six-foot-tall, I probably would have become a WWE pro wrestler!


Swiss Army Knife

For the past twenty years I have found the greatest joy working at the crossroads of visual arts & technology. With a deep understanding of storytelling in the digital age, I use that passion, in collaboration with my clients, to change the world one video at a time. Specialty: Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Fun Fact: I enjoy skiing, scuba diving, ice hockey, music, my wife, my son and daughter. Not necessarily in that order.



I've created award-winning content ("Goodnight Burbank") for the web and TV that's been viewed in the multi-millions and even taught in college courses.

The press has called me a "web sensation" (LA Times), "ridiculously funny" (Time Out) and "one of Internet comedy's brightest stars" (The Guardian). I contributed to a book entitled "Behind The Sofa; Celebrity Memories of Dr. Who," named by Amazon UK as one of its "Ten Best Books of 2013." I'm also a regular on-air contributor to BBC America's TV series "The Brit List."

Oh yeah. I've also had an award-winning career as a copywriter and an On Air Promotions senior writer/producer, working across all genres (comedy, drama & reality) for ABC, NBC, FOX, the WB and the CW. And in the 25th hour of my day, I think about sleeping.

Fun Fact: I'm British.


Production Coordinator

I like to live by two main ideas—creativity grows the more you use it, and life is all about the experiences. Born in Seattle, I grew up in the hot but also snowy hills of Reno. After that, I went on to get a Creative Writing/English Degree at Stanford University.

I love all things video and camera related. My career fascinations lie in the business intricacies and artistic know-how of the film and marketing industries. I have worked across the globe from Japan, to Russia, to Hawaii as a digital imaging technician, camera, voice over and article writer, and in film and commercial production. Now I’m in the wild heart of LA. Out of the office, I fill my time with my beautiful baby girl and at work, I raise a quiet ruckus here at Rip Media Group.

Fun Fact: I wrote a Scifi book at age 16. I love to travel, ski, and I occasionally try to pick up the basics of a new language.


Director of Photography

Addicted to images in any and all formats. For a creative person this is the golden age, a time where digital art offers open doors to all mediums, music, photography, editing, and cinematography. If I’m not working on something I’m watching or listening to something amazing someone has created.

Fun Fact: I spend everything I have on traveling. I was on a train once in southern Japan and ran into a former Yakuza member. He forced us to have our photo taken with him. When the train stopped six police officers rushed him and he was gone. That was also the only time I lost a camera on a trip! I miss that photo all the time!


Account Producer

Growing up, my mother was a drama teacher and I caught the bug for storytelling very young. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television, I started my career as an editor in my hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. I soon realized that I wanted to see more of the world.

Over the course of the last six years, I have had the opportunity to work as a producer, director, camera operator, editor, and digital imaging technician while traveling both domestically and internationally. I found a perfect fit at Rip Media Group, which allows me to keep my skills sharp and focused as a raconteur from my Los Angeles home.

Fun Fact: Grew up Italian, make a mean sauce. Fearless in the kitchen. Great guy to have at a potluck.


Creative Producer

Editor’s Note: Teddy likes to speak in 3rd person.

Teddy started directing short films at age seven and has not put the camera down since. A media hyphenate with 25+ years of experience, Teddy is a writer, director, cinematographer, producer, editor, photographer, colorist and sound designer with a perfectionist mindset and impeccable attention to detail. His purpose on this earth is to uplift humanity through inspirational storytelling told through innovative, cutting edge cinematic technologies and methods.

Fun Fact: Teddy is known as "the guy who ruined the cultural phenomenon of Burning Man" with a Dr Seuss film he made called "Oh The Places You’ll Go at Burning Man!" which went viral, reaching millions of views, causing Burning Man to sell out for the first time ever. He can also breath fire.


Director of Animation

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and starting from an early age, developed a passion for art and animation that eventually matured into my career as an Animation Lead. I was fortunate to get my break working in 3D on an incredibly popular, prime time Network television show.

Whether it's motion graphics or complicated visual effects, I am extremely driven to put out only the best work possible and demand the same from my team.

Fun Fact: I studied Dux Ryu Ninjitsu at one of Frank Dux's dojos, the man who inspired one of the greatest movies of all time: Bloodsport. He came in one day to teach a class and I got to witness a lucky student get kicked by the master, himself. An experience I will never forget. OK, USA!



My understanding of visual language, first formed as a painter and sculptor, forged by 22 years on both the stage and countless film sets. All of my experiences in the arts have culminated into one singular passion: Directing.

I am attracted to, and create projects that lend themselves to being visually immersive and that make strong, insightful statements.

Fun Fact: I am the second oldest of ten children in an Irish Catholic family; I’m sure that's where I learned the useful filmmaking skills of multitasking, teamwork, comedy, tragedy, and most of all, melodrama.


Creative Producer

My childhood was split between Montana, Las Vegas, and Northern California. Copywriter, concept developer, producer, editor, and director for live action and animation. I derive a certain pleasure from writing and making films…

Fun Fact: I played baseball for ten years and I still know how to throw two-seam fastball.


Orchestrator of Awesome Website Development

Passionate about building things; I love to learn new things and experiment. Whether it be developing a website or tinkering in the garage, I enjoy creating something useful from nothing. After 450+ websites, I still look forward to new design and programming challenges.

Fun Fact: Once, I got a private tour of the pyramids of Giza and recently completed a 9,000 mile road-trip around the United States.


Agency Producer

A mid-life epiphany spurred a radical change of direction from a thriving career in medicine and lifestyle education back into the performance arts with a focus in new media. For the past several years I’ve provided content strategy, creative direction and content production for mission-driven brands focused on sustainability and healthy lifestyle. As a video producer and communication strategist, my mandate is to drive sustainability initiatives forward, telling meaningful stories that make people remember, care and take action.

Fun Fact: Taught yoga and meditation for over 20 years. Love to salsa and tango dance.


Talent Recruiter

What good are excellent stories if we don’t have the creative talent to bring them to life? This is where I come in! Give me the vision and I’ll put it in play. Point out the direction and I’ll discover the steps. Show me treasure island and I’ll uncover where the booty’s buried. You say jump……. I think I made my point. For 5 years I managed one of LA’s Premiere Networking Studios & the 5 years that followed, I became Exec Assist for a high profile Writer/ Producer. Now working alongside Rip Media, I’m thrilled to seek out new talent & present my GOLD to the team.

Fun Fact: Midwest Farmer’s Daughter through & through. Nothing beats a lemon shake up & funnel cake while watching a tractor pull at the County Fair! Smell that diesel!

The Team

Telling Your Story Visually

The other artists, animators, directors of photography, developers and designers were too busy working on your projects to join us on 'picture day'.

Fun Fact: They are too happy creating to have other hobbies…This is what they love! Thank you to our mad-scientist and artists: Cherise, Christina, Aaron, Laura, Naira, Harry, Kyle, Jimmy, Brad, Doug, Jenny, and Lowell.