Our Greenlight Production Process

Here in the heart of Hollywood, we create custom-made and professional stories that engage your audience and bring your brand to life! For questions, just send a message along, here:

Why Does the Greenlight Production Process Matter?

Hundreds of productions have proven that following a creative process saves time, saves money, and reduces stress. Our process is modeled on the Producers Guild of America’s standards. Hundreds of our clients and partners have generated top line and bottom line savings, and reduced grey hairs!



Start with the experience of feature films and over 1,000 successful brand stories and product launches and add a pinch of process, and a healthy dollop of fun.

We created videos for Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.  One plays for visitors as part of the Vermont Factory Tour. We added some fun to a history-of-the-company and founders.  

Below, you can view our collaborative process step-by-step with the iconic brand as an example at each step. 

This is the same Greenlight Production Process we use to create full brand stories from consumer products to SAAS to Pharma and BioScience.  Please have a look through the steps, below, with our favorite ice cream as the example, or watch a video about our process, below the steps:


Day 1 - 7:

Kickoff: We Learn What Makes You Special and Walk Through Our Creative Brief

Play Video
Play Video about Video Marketing through the Customer Journey

Day 7 - 12:

We Dive Deeper and Research Your Entire Market Needs (for Advanced Projects)


Day 12 - 15:

We Create Your Brand Voice


Day 15 - 18:

We Delivery Several Story Treatments from Our Idea Factory


Day 18 - 21:

Let’s Get the Script & Messaging Exactly Right


Day 21 - 24:

We Craft a Scene-to-Scene Design and Storyboard


Day 24 - 30:

Live Storyboard ‘Animatic’ (for Advanced Projects)

Play Video about Ben & Jerry's Brand Video

Day 30 - 45:

Produce and Deliver Your Amazing Stories, Messaging, Designs and Graphics That Creates Action

* We can create much faster, even in just days, or much more patiently for regulated industries like BioScience and Fintech.

this process has resulted in these creative campaigns and videos, yours will too

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

Results are what you are looking for

Vigilant: 1,000% increase in website traffic and 600% in revenue
Novo Biosciences: received funding of over $11mm
KnowRe: received funding of over $7mm
ImagineLA: Largest fundraise to date
Microduino: 400% of Kickstarter goal reached
Nexlinks:  Sold $1mm in the first presentation
RedFox: 1.7mm views & 2mm in sales (in 40 days)