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LoJack needed some video production services for videos they needed to create, one being an animated product explainer video and the other being a live-action video using stock and custom shot content. So Rip Media Group stepped in and provided

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We had an amazing time working with iTrade Network creating a live action…then animation video. 

Let’s start at the beginning.

iTrade,  a leader in perishable supply chain management software, needed a video produced to connect with their customers.  One that can tell

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Animation vs Live Action: Animation Won

Video Tech

Hey ALEXA?  Remind me to post the new tech blog on Tuesday at 9am.

OK Google:  Please turn on my Youtube channel.

Siri, what’s the best video production company that rhymes with LIp Nedia Group?

From Digital Assistants to the latest and greatest

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Oh the places Video Tech will go!