3D Motion Graphic Animation – LexisNexis: T.R.I.S. (Tax Refund Identity Solutions)

LexisNexis commissioned Rip Media Group to produce a 3D animated video to help launch their “Tax Refund Investigative Solution” or “TRIS” software system.

No one likes to be the victim of fraud.  That includes companies and agencies that receive tax refund requests.  That’s why LexisNexis combined cutting-edge technology, unique data and advanced scoring analytics to create TRIS.  The next step was to enhance their video marketing efforts to announce its existence to their target audience. That’s where Rip Media Group came in.

  • Our first step was to learn about LexisNexis’ development of TRIS in order to write a compelling and accurate script
  • From there, the team at Rip Media created a dynamic visual style in keeping with brand standards while also featuring TRIS’ functionality.
  • We then devised an animation style true to a 3D Animation video, where the screens existed in multi-dimensional space.

The video represented the latest effort between LexisNexis and Rip Media Group in a multi-video partnership. 

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Video Transcription:

LexisNexis has supported agencies with their missions, working with law enforcement to uncover the identities of criminals behind sensational crimes.

But what about the crimes that don’t make the nightly news? The unseen crimes committed in the shadows against honest hard working Americans.

With the click of a mouse a fraudster can claim false tax refunds using legitimate w2 information causing untold havoc to both individual and states’ livelihoods. 

Only LexisNexis provides access to the world’s leading identity data repository along with state-of-the-art identity analytics and scoring to fight against tax refund identity fraud. 

The patented LexisNexis Tax Refund Investigative Solution gives you a nationwide view unlike your tax data warehouse covering 98% of the adult population. 

Powered by world-class analytics TRIS also helps you understand the identity risk by verifying tax return information against billions of identity records to seek out suspicious refunds in a matter of minutes.

If TRIS suspects a fraudulent submission, states have the option to select the type of authentication process used to help weed out the fraudsters. 

Then any suspicious refunds are displayed on our TRIS analytics dashboard where you can easily identify connections between people, places and information to detect suspicious patterns and schemes, allowing you to identify and intercept fraudsters before they can cause any more damage.

To date LexisNexis has helped stop hundreds of millions of dollars of identity fraud and counting to make TRIS a part of your agency’s fraud prevention program and help put an end to this hidden crime

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