Example of a 3D Animation in Medicine: Superior Engineering for O2 Solutions

O2 Solutions needed to step up their marketing video efforts to introduce their new Portable Oxygen Concentrator. 

Portable oxygen might not be a huge need to many, but for those that do need it, it is absolutely life-saving.  That’s why what O2 does is so incredibly important. Their portable oxygen concentrator is revolutionizing the industry.

So they turned to Rip Media Group to create a unique, dynamic video to convey their message.

  • Our first step was to embrace the full breadth of content from the O2 team in an effort to comprise a compelling script.
  • Next, we used O2’s brand guidelines to create a look and design a video that would inspire their target audience.
  • Finally came the specialized 3D animation that Rip Media Group has become known for.  Our innovative artists and animators created a look and flow that matched the innovative product.

In the end, the video allowed consumers to see the inner-workings and technological advancements of the product in a sleek and stylish way.

For more information on how Rip Media Group can provide you with incredible 3D animation for your video marketing needs – or any other style – contact us at www.ripmediagroup.com.

Video transcription:
What goes into a superior portable oxygen concentrator? It requires a compressor that combines power with simplicity using brushless motor technology to enhance durability; a foam coated interior that more efficiently cools the machine while reducing noise to a whisper; a dynamic system that draws both vacuum and pressure creating cool gentle air that enhances purity and extends the life of the pump and sieve beds.

Finally it takes a lab-created solution known as energy smart technology that boosts the airflow per cycle, delivering the highest oxygen flow rates and the longest battery life in class.

In short technology designed to serve you no matter the need. This is the next generation of oxlife independence. The most reliable and efficient portable oxygen concentrator ever designed.  Breathe new life into your journey.