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Yes, you too can create an Epic Story for your company and your Video Marketing efforts, and it all starts with the tried and true Hero’s Journey. 

The Hero’s Journey is a common trope used in all storytelling, especially big time

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Rip Media Group has officially moved into the historic Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

Founded in 1912 – that’s 100 years ago, if you’re counting – this location is the oldest independent studio that works year-round. This studio’s very first film starred

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We are back from The Sundance Film Festival.  Very proud that The Surrogate (won the Audience Award at the  prestigious movie fest. ) had post production help from Eric Brodeuer at Cima Productions, our close production partner, and very happy

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What is Motion Graphics Video ?

We all enjoy some of the humerus videos that YouTube brings to light; here are the top 5 that the world truly enjoyed via YouTube!

Coming in at #1 – The Forcewagon!


The spot features a pint-sized Darth Vader who

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Top 5 Most Viewed Ads of 2011 (YouTube)

Introducing the top 5 viral videos of November.


Video #1 – There is a soldier in all of us…



Video #2 – Its time…




Video #3 – Screaming for Bieber…




Video #4 – Grand Theft Auto




Video #5 – Christmas Advertising




Each of these videos has

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Top 5 Viral Videos – November

LA Film Financing Townhall at Raleigh Studios Hollywood
Film Meets Finance:
Networking & Education for Filmmakers & Financiers
Five Insightful Talks by Leading Experts & More

The Pitch: How to Win Over Studio ExecsEllen Pittleman (bio), veteran studio exec w/ worldwide experience in theatrical,

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RipMedia and IIFF invitation, Raleigh Studios


This week RipMedia will be attending the American Film Market and meeting with various vendors and partners.  If you are planning to attend, please contact our team to set a meeting in Santa Monica.


Meet us at the American Film Market

One of our newest clients is a film festival with thousands of film fans.  After a quick analysis, we found thousands were swarming the site for information from their phones, at the event.

We quickly built mobile landing pages, and, having

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Video Production and the Mobile Internet

To pull the magic out of film footage, it takes hours with skilled editors and producers to find the deeper story.

We have been here working on four RipMedia projects this week.  As I sit back, I realize it might be

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Update from the video editing bay


RipMedia has decided to start a current project post to share some of our current fun projects…You can keep an eye on us as we go through the process and:

Plan it.

Produce it.

Promote it.


Enjoy your weekend all!



RipMedia ongoing project blog: on Tumblr