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We know that building your marketing budget to include video isn’t the only way to make your marketing succeed, but research suggests that video is a huge contributor.

According to the digital marketing institute:

97% of marketing professionals say that video helps

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Before the weekend begins, I would like to wish you a great holiday, and give you some food for thought for the summer months.

Online video, and online video marketing is fast becoming the most important resource you have to spread

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Online video marketing Hollywood

Thought I would share some information with you, so you can enjoy some free marketing and sales tips.  As we have written, real time, video, and review sites are among the most desired in google search results.  One of the

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How To: Podcast Your Brand

From Hate to Humor to Humanitarianism: Alexandra and the Asians

by Freddy J. Nager, (New) Creative Director RipMedia Group

Two steps to infamy: 1. Open mouth. 2. Insert foot.

One reason I don’t assign textbooks to my social media classes is that

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From Hate to Humor to Humanitarianism

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  December 10, 2010

Edward James Olmos’ new venture Fuzeinc announced at an official signing in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, an agreement to produce the animated series “ChopChops.” The series will be created for television

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Newest Film Project Announcement

Celebrate our clients feature film release:

Moon Bloodgood, Julie Benz, Jordan Belfi, Xander Berkeley, Jesse Garcia, Barry Bostwick, Dee Wallace, and Jesse Garcia will appear in the ensemble film “Bedrooms” premiere this Friday, August 20, 2010 during the L.A. Latino International

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‘Bedrooms’ world festival premiere Aug. 20

What is Social Media? This is  a nice description originally posted by outside of RipMedia, but we thought you would get a few tips from it – Enjoy.

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What is Social Media?