Talking With the Future: Making a Website Video That Fits Your Brand

Your website video solves many common problems you face as businesses. 

The most prevalent?  Answering the age old question, “so, what do you do?” 

If you’re like us, then you’re probably tired of explaining the intricacies of your value and the potential that you bring to the table – or to the world as a whole. In fact, we’ve been asked this question so many times that we’ve made several videos explaining the value of video just like this one.

Website videos like these allow us to explain our value 24/7 365 and have become invaluable in our selling strategies. Here are a couple of ways you can make a killer video for your homepage that will start converting for you, even while you’re sleeping. 

What Does a Good Website Video for Your Homepage Look Like?

There are many types of videos you can use to advertise your brand. You can make explainers, product demos, testimonials, etc… For this blog, though, we’re going to focus on the most essential video any business can have, the marquee video

A marquee video is a company’s central advertising message broken down and displayed inside a high-quality video. 

A marquee video does two things. First, it educates the customer on the role you play in your marketplace. Two, it gives you a semblance of authority and trustworthiness. After all, if you can afford to invest in a great website with video, then you can afford to invest in your customer and their experience. 

We recently made a marquee video for SP8CEVC, a space exploration, and human longevity investment agency. You can check it out below or on SP8CEVC’s homepage

So, What Makes a Good Marquee Video?

A good marquee video takes your brand and relates it to something bigger, something that gives you authority. 

For example, in our video for SP8CEVC, we used snippets from speeches made during the space race to convey our video’s setting in the first two seconds. This kind of positioning is vital for brands like SP8CEVC, which might have trouble making their mission concrete without visuals and audio that gives the brand more context within the larger world.

Another excellent example of a good marquee video is a video we made for a legal research company, Lexis Nexis.

This video makes a metaphor out of the game “Clue” and renders it in gorgeous 3D. The audience is then taken through a snapshot of the legal research process as a “player” finds out who killed John Body with Lexis Nexis’s research system. 

Nailing this visual metaphor is the hardest part of the process.

What Else Does a Good Marquee Video Need?

The next part of making a great marquee is top-notch art, and VO. Look at the videos we made for SP8CEVC and Lexis Nexis. You’ll notice that no expense was spared to develop and create art that matched the brands they feature to a ‘T.’ Having on-brand art is essential if hosting the video on a website is your client’s ultimate goal. 

SP8CEVC got bright, minimal line work that slowly began to mix with 3D animation to convey a sense of progression through time, while Lexis Nexis got a highly stylized 3D video to show consistent devotion to tech.

Finally, a good Marquee video needs to tell a story. In the video for SP8CEVC, you’ll notice that everything pictured depicts a significant life event, so even though a visual story isn’t told explicitly, we get a sense of emotional connection and progression. Telling a story with intense, character-driven sequences was essential because SP8CEVC needed us to make a homepage video that distilled what they did into a message that anyone could easily understand and be inspired by (all while not being cheesy). 

What Story Do You Want Your Perfect Marquee Video to Tell?

One of the things we love so much about making marketing videos like marquee videos is the differences between each company we help. We’ve made hundreds of these kinds of videos, and frankly, we can’t wait to make more. 

We hope to work with SP8CEVC in the future as well. We’re proud to say that our video now lives on their homepage.

So, what does your brand need? Do you need a Cali bro literally surfing on the web? Do you need an animated character hopping through time like Bill and Ted? 3D? A telestration? The sky is the limit when you’re making your website video. 

Are you ready to start telling your story? Reach out to us here. Your story starts here.


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