When I heard the words “I have breast cancer,” the whole world went silent. I, like so many, have felt the effects of those words from a loved one. I could only imagine what it was like to hear it from the physician.

It is one of the many reasons that I and my team are so honored and grateful to partner with The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation in shaping a clear conversation about breast cancer awareness. The video series we created for them exists to help those diagnosed, and the family and loved ones around them that need to learn the treatments, terms, and options.

PINK is everywhere this month. It’s on NFL teams, WWE wrestlers and worn on many people’s lapels. It’s there to remind us that the majority of people in the modern world have been touched by breast cancer. As Dr. Susan Love said, “The only difference between a researcher and a patient is a diagnosis. We are all patients.”

Dr. Susan Love Breast Cancer Research Foundation stands for a GRAND cause; to eradicate the world of breast cancer.

Join us and Dr. Love as we stand united in this fight. “We can be the generation that stops breast cancer, but it will take all of us ….” – Dr. Susan Love.

We ask that you share this series of videos, based on the teachings in her book, with anyone touched by breast cancer. You can also share the HuffPo article written about our work with Dr. Love.

Wishing each of you health, love, and my gratitude goes to Dr. Love for allowing us to create this series for to spread the word of her foundations research.  Please watch the series below to learn more.

Maury Rogow

& the team here at Rip Media Group, and Dr. Love’s Foundation

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