KnowRe, a cloud-based adaptive mathematics curriculum, creates a personalized, engaging learning experience to help students around the world accomplish their full potential. Designed in South Korea, the product is modeled after the way a teacher interacts one-on-one with a student, emphasizing the importance of personalization in education.

KnowRe needed an intriguing way to convey to educators the value and benefits of their product that would still represent their brand. They came to Rip Media Group to produce videos that could clearly communicate how KnowRe helps both students and teachers, which resulted in:

  1. Raised $6.8 million dollars in funding:
  2. Producing separate teacher testimonial and success story videos
  3. Increasing interest from website viewers and customers.

Rip Media Group created animated videos as well as teacher testimonial videos for the client to use to demonstrate their high value to teachers, parents, and students.