Microduino is a company that needed funding to create microchips that dramatically decrease the size, time, and cost of designing electronic product prototypes.

Microduino was in the process of debuting their second generation modules, named the ‘mCookie’. These compact modules contain wi-fi, bluetooth, amplifiers, lights and dozens of other features – all in a user-friendly platform which allows you to code using their new “STACK” feature. What used to take hours of coding can now be done in a simple drag and drop setting that even non-techies can understand.

In order to fulfill their orders and fully launch their next generation mCookie modules, Microduino decided to implement a crowdsourcing event on Kickstarter. We were thrilled when Microduino asked Rip Media Group to create something special for them. It is not our usual project, and posed unique challenges. We knew it was not going to be easy to simplify the ‘use-case’ of a micro-arduino-chip. We recommended a live action video production with motion graphic overlays for their campaign to make these products look fun to tell their unique story, followed by the human touch of the founder, explaining more about the product and campaign. The main story line was to create a multi-actor sequence where one mCookie module is used in every new creation.

Microduino had a 30 day time limit to raise $40,000 in pledges. The final video resulted in:

  • Surpassing their initial $40,000 goal in the first 48 hours (reaching $38,000 in just 24 hours)
  • Getting chosen as an official Kickstarter Staff Pick and featured on the front page of
  • Quadrupling their initial goal with 856 backers pledging a grand total of $167,570!