Vigilant Solutions creates innovative technology to enhance policing efforts. Their core competency is developing technology that collects, organizes and shares data within law enforcement databases. The end goal is that by sharing accurate and up to date information, police forces can not only solve crimes, but even prevent them from occurring in some cases. This leads to improved safety for not only the police, but also the communities they serve.

Vigilant Solutions has been a long time client of Rip Media Group. Their products are not easy to explain so we were tasked with simplifying their message and then distributing it to their audience. This was executed by:

  • Rebranding the company from its original purple color scheme
  • Producing over 20 ‘true story’ / case study videos
  • Website design
  • Online promotion (SEO and marketing)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Building a large eCommerce website for an offshoot brand that will collect millions of dollars yearly
  • Graphic design for branding materials

The results have been formidable:

  • The leads, website traffic, and social media outreach have reached from thousands to millions.
  • The designed website now saves thousands per month by eliminating a dedicated developer.
  • Trade show traffic has increased.

You can view some of their videos via the links below.

Whiteboard Animation “Counter Terrorism” Video

Whiteboard Animation “Data Sharing” Video

Hand Drawn Animation “Bringing Light to Darkness” Video

Whiteboard Animation “True Story” Video

Motion Graphics “FaceSearch” Video