On this page, lets focus on the pros and cons of case study video production (aka testimonial videos).  76% of businesses plan to utilize video in their sales and marketing strategy.  Many are starting with testimonials integrated with real-life scenarios.


  • Authenticity – It is inherently believable.  Your client speaks for you.
  • Social proof – It is a 3rd party source, helping state your case better than you can.
  • Reference – You are building a long term reference file.  The client being interviewed wants to help, and will do all they can to prove themselves correct.  Wouldn’t you protect your words?
  • Press – If they are a bigger brand than you, it elevates your brand status.
  • Great appeal – If they have an exciting office or business, your prestige grows by the exciting dynamic of the business.


  • Rates – High production quality is critical, and can not be skimmed.  Great quality elevates your brand, and can be delivered with a quality production team.
  • Camera shy or insincere testimonials – there is no way to know what a person will be like when the little red light turns on.  We prepare, care for, and polish our script with each person…Be sure to allow enough time to let the best come out.
  • Time and Logistics – How many cities do we need to coordinate?  Earlier this year we completed 3 cities in 3 days, and we had support to make everything run like clock work…But, a late plane, or a storm front could have changed that.

Within its 1,500-seat sanctuary, the services at Mission Community Church are anything but traditional. Instead, the congregation is immersed in full concert-level sound, thanks to dual VENUE systems.

We have dozens of examples in different styles, colors, and story types. If you would like help with whiteboard animation, explainer video creation, or launching your product, please CONTACT US. We are happy to help.