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Make the Summer Slowdown Work for You

Make the Summer Slowdown Work for You

You may have noticed summer is a notoriously slow season for many industries. People are out and enjoying the warm weather and paying less attention to their electronics. Many people spend less time watching videos and on social media. This

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Make a Statement with Video

Tally Weijl

It’s common knowledge in advertising circles that using marketing videos to promote your business or product is one of the most effective ways to bring your offering to life. The world has transitioned to the Internet, and most people have

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Have an Idea? Let’s Produce It!

Have an Idea? Let's Produce It

It all begins with one great idea. Perhaps you’ve thought of an ingenious new concept or have the beginnings of a captivating story on the tip of your tongue. The steps you take now could determine whether your concept blooms

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The YouTube Revolution part two

The Youtube Revolution Part 2

Long gone are the days of flipping through a handful of network channels on a television set (heaven forbid without a remote!) to find something to watch on the tube. Never mind the endless reruns! Very few new or exciting

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Video Marketing: The YouTube Revolution

The Youtube Revolution

Seemingly overnight, YouTube became a website that took the online world by storm. It has rapidly become a household name in almost every country in the world (with internet access). Maybe it’s due to the fact that users are given the

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Bridging the Generation Gap in Video

The Generation Gap in Video

Mass communications once ruled society. People of all ages would sit around the radio or television and enjoy the same programs. These days, audiences have severely splintered. Cable channels, streaming channels, websites and apps offer entertainment that appeals to ever-narrower

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Making Video For A Goldfish

Making a Video for a Goldfish

Do you ever find it difficult to concentrate on one thing without stopping to check…oh look, a butterfly!

Sorry, where were we? Oh yes. Do you find it hard to concentrate on completing a task effectively without checking your email or

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Test Your Video Productions – Or Else!

Test Your Video Productions

Right now, you might be sitting back and enjoying the new video production that just went up on your company’s website. Isn’t that whiteboard animation looking great? Or perhaps you went with motion graphics. That looks great too. But…. Wait.

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