As our clients have said, a good corporate video production can be the game changer. It can be a sales associate for you while you travel, are asleep, and assist you while you are on a call with an important account.

Our corporate video production experts have hundreds of years of collective experience telling stories from concept, development, writing, producing, editing, and adding special effects. Introduction promotional videos, now called ‘explainer videos’, provide a complete overview of your product, company or service.

What is important, and is highlighted in the 6-step process, available for download, is you MUST have a story to tell. Turning your product brochure into a video is a step in the right direction, but, telling a STORY about what you do, and how it affects people’s lives, is much more compelling. If you can create an experience, your clients will relate. Do you agree?

In live video production, just as in our other video productions (whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, or combinations) it is critical to get beyond bullet points, and tell a story.  On this page, lets focus on examples of corporate video production.

Who is your target audience? Have a look at this promo spot we built with the wonderful director, Ben Kufrin. The core buying audience is women, 18-25. Did we hit a mark and tell a story, without a word being spoken?

We always start with the target audience, write a script, and build a storyboard. (You can see how our animated videos were originated…) They are storyboards coming to life with the power of pen and animation…

Only a few video production companies like Rip Media Group, add visual effects, animation, sound, and music to create a more engaging experience for viewers.

In conjunction with Calibri Films, you can see multiple production techniques displayed for this athletic sportswear company ad.

We have edited and added post production techniques to footage that is years old, or, has not found its proper home yet. These post-production exercises can be quite difficult, as we are building a story from what we find.

In this video, I was handed 55 films, and given a few short days to put a story together that could kick off an entire Hollywood, CA film festival. We are proud of the result, and, it was an honor to hear the crowd applaud when it played on opening night.

Many times we are called in to get interviews from key participants in a company. Even in an extremely technical situation, like this video:

We take the time to add music, effects, b-roll, and animation to show the ‘why’, rather than just watching talking heads just talk. When these teams of extremely smart individuals discuss the molecule sized ‘particles’ in ‘nano-chemistry’, we can (almost) understand. 🙂 (We were told it was a great success.)

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