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LexisNexis (NYSE: ENL, $6B annual revenue) provides content-enabled workflow solutions in the corporate, legal, and academic markets.
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They believe in the integration of information and technology, with 15,000 employees spread across over 100 countries. With a history dating back to the late 1800s, LexisNexis has developed their global brand around studying risk management in order to stimulate growth and increase profitability.

Rip Media Group has had an amazing relationship with various departments within LexisNexis. Each of their needs are unique and we’ve taken pride in delivering content that not only meets, but exceeds the individual customer requirements.


Multiple Customer Journey Campaigns

LexisNexis chose our ‘small’ content story agency over large, multinational agencies for many reasons. They told us:

  • They loved our creativity – it was far ahead of the ‘standard fair’ they received in years past
  • They were able to reach our lead creatives at will, not just an ‘account team’ 
  • The value delivered far exceeded the spend
  • The amount of TOF leads exceeded any other campaign to date
  • Our ideas kept growing and helping, while our price tag did not
  • If the initial campaign worked, they would do more…they were with us for years and multiple campaigns: 
    • Website, Landing Pages
    • Videos, Outreach
    • Trade Shows: The Game Has Changed, The Game of Who, The Game of You

We Started with a Pitch

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Audience: Law enforcement and supporting companies.  We wanted to embed the theme that they are like NO OTHER, and are innovators.


Open on the box of The Game of Who, “A murder-mystery game like no other.”

The box looks like an antique – a relic from a different era.  Instead of today’s mass-market, big-box store look, it has an enchanting, 19th century aesthetic.

Visual Concept &
Idea Reference

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This idea essentially asks the viewer to believe that a game through time exists.  My belief is that if we use actual real-world elements that we build, the viewer will believe they’re looking at real objects — because they are real.  Then, we use animation and VFX to add that magical quality. I envision the entire spot would be a “table-top” view, with our perspective always looking down, but with the ability to zoom in and out, and move side to side, and up and down once we’re zoomed in.  We can also move “through,” ie, forward, in Z space, into the game for certain special transitions, etc.

Final Video

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Combining cutting-edge technology, unique data and advanced scoring analytics, LexisNexis provides products and services that address evolving client needs in the risk sector while upholding the highest standards of security and privacy.

LexisNexis: The Game Has Changed - 3D Animation

Other Design Projects

Hybrid: Trade Show Booth Design

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Once our Concept was approved, we branched the idea to the physical world. In each of years of this campaign, more elements were added – The digital time traveler, printed game cards, and elements from the game were added in the next iterations and years of the campaign

Face Wall Graphic

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Trade Show T-Shirts

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Facebook Geo Location-Based Ads:

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Optimized Targeting Google Ads

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Testimonial Video From Client

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Testimonial: LexisNexis