We Need Your Help… Just Choose One

As we finish up this Mad Month of March, we need your help!

The NCAA starts with dozens of teams, but we are starting with just two.

Please Help Us Decide

Which one of these videos would you prefer on the home page of our website?

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Starts with a Call, a dynamic video featuring a 3D layout of the “Game of Who.” Who is the who in the Game of Who you ask? The Rip Media Group Team, of course! The Starts with a Call Video travels through the Rip Media Group office and introduces different departments with eye-catching animated typography.

The second team to root for: The What Style of Video is Right for You? Video. In case you aren’t familiar with certain styles (or you just need to brush up on what’s out there and what we offer), this video covers 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Kinetic Typography, Whiteboard Animation, and Live Video Production.