And The Oscar Goes To….

At RIP Media Group, we’re always so busy creating videos, that we never get to star in them.

With the 91st Academy Awards only a few days away though, we decided to throw our hat in the ring.

Our movies fall into the new genre The Academy added this year: pre-YouTube video ads, which encourage a user to head over to our site instead of pressing SKIP.

Vote For Your Favorite

So who will take home the Oscar this year? Your 2019 nominees for best actor are…

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Nominee: Maury Rogow
Position: CEO, Creative Director at RIP Media Group
Credentials: Maury is up for his 33rd nomination for best actor this year. Although he has never actually brought home the Oscar, he’s confident that his role in this video might finally tip the scale. While he has no formal performing background, he lives in Los Angeles, so that makes him an actor, right?

Nominee: Dallas Amsden
Position: Production Manager at RIP Media Group
Credentials: Dallas is considered another frontrunner for the Oscar this year that is expected to give Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Maury a run for their money. Before starring in this video, he was best known for his role in the 2017 Oscars mishap, where he accidentally wrote the wrong Best Picture winner on the cue card.