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Quantek Systems was looking for a cost-effective way to promote its new flagship product – RO dynamics – when they found us and our new Express Videos video marketing offering. 

Express Videos leverage Rip Media Group’s existing assets, custom animation, video templates, and minimal custom art to lower the cost of our creativity and expertise to businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. This process results in a relatively cheap video without a large compromise in quality. Quantek Systems was very excited to receive the value we offer at the price we were offering. 

The Project

Quantek Systems needed to tell a story that looked amazing and a story that appealed to their target audience. Plus, they needed their product RO Dynamics – a digital dashboard for Radiation Oncology departments in hospitals – irresistible to their customers. 

To accomplish this, we went through our assets and pitched a concept that leaned heavily into a classy black with blue accented whiteboard animated aesthetic. This design lent itself well to tech and information-focused video marketing because the rich colors lent the message that Quantek wanted to convey extra visual weight.  

We also decided that the best high-quality video to make in this situation straddled the gap between an ad and an explainer video.

The Challenges

We faced several challenges when we were making this video. One, we needed a way to present their new product without only listing its features. Two, we needed to help Quantek define their message.  

These problems were significant for a few reasons. One, tech companies often struggle to tell a good story about their business. It’s hard to break away from data-driven approaches in an industry so wrapped up in spec sheets and analytics. Two, even though Quantek had a brand story before approaching us, they weren’t sure what story to tell with their new product. 

After all, organizational and communications-based software isn’t exactly sexy. 

So, what story could we tell for Quantek to reach their audience best?

The Solution

How do you use video marketing to create an in-depth and engaging medical video?

You tell a story. We started our Video Express offering for Quantek with a direct callout to people working in Radiation Oncology, and then we illustrated the issues with communication that radiation professionals continuously have. 

Next, we presented Quantek’s solution – RO Dynamics – in a classy black and blue whiteboard animation style. Using whiteboard animation provided a strong visual metaphor between the whiteboards that radiation techs use every day and RO dynamics. 

This juxtaposition gave Quantek their message. By relating to radiation oncology techs visually and emotionally, we were able to craft a strong narrative that had Quantek shouting, “we’re like you, let us help make your lives easier!” at the top of their lungs. 

Quantek was thrilled with this video, and they plan to use it on their website, during sales pitches, and at tradeshows (if those ever return). 

Out of all the video marketing firms they could’ve gone with, we’re happy that Quantek reached out to us about Express Videos. We hope to grow with them as they continue to expand their product line and expand further into the medical field. 

Head here to look at other videos we’ve made, and here get an Express Video today. We would love to work with you!


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