Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation – Checkpoint Inhibitors (Video with Hand-drawn Animation)

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There may be no greater cause in modern medicine than the fight against breast cancer.  Dr. Susan Love and The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is making great strides to end breast cancer in our lifetime.  Dr. Love and the Foundation reached out to Rip Media Group to make a series of videos for their video marketing effort that explain what breast cancer is, how it affects the body and what treatment options are available.  

  • We first embraced the story of the foundation and learned all that we could about how they help and treat sufferers, and the assistance they offer.
  • In order to write a detailed script, we also needed to learn about the key treatments featured in this video in the series.
  • To undercut the seriousness of the subject, we knew the video needed to be presented in a warm and supportive way that does not whitewash the seriousness of the disease.  To accomplish that, we created a unique hand-drawn animation style with gentle colors and soft characters.
  • We further embraced the challenge of detailing a difficult and complex subject by creating animating that displayed actions and effects that certain drugs –  called checkpoint inhibitors – have within the body.

In the end, we were all proud of this episode, the series as a whole, and to simply be able to support such a worthy organization.