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Brand Awareness Story & Value Videos

* Sp8ce’VC
…needed a way to quickly inspire and raise awareness for their new fund, focused on space and technology. 
We proposed the origin story of inspiration as well as a touch of FOMO for those that are thinking of joining them. 

In-market Ad & Commercials

* Line 6  Music Instruments
…needed to deliver the value they bring in a sizzling, engaging story in multiple lengths and for multiple audiences…B2B (VAR’s) as well as Direct to Consumer
This is one video in the series that highlights the target audience using, engaging with, and succeeding with their product.  
The series had animation, mixed media, 3D, elegant and broadcast live action.  

Educational Marketing

* California Energy Commission
…needed a way to get their B2B contractors engaged and watch a training series. We proposed making them heroes.
The full series had animation, mixed media, 3D, elegant and broadcast live action. This video is the teaser/trailer for the Top of Funnel.

Explainer & Product Videos

* ScaleOut Software
…needed to deliver the value they bring in a new, engaging and stand-apart story to grab attention vs. the giants in the industry.
This video grabs the target audience having a huge problem, and with the ease of use they delivery, transforming the customers into heroes. 
We created custom, hand drawn art, a unique look and style, as well as a fun story, with a not so subtle hommage to ‘Ghostbusters’.   

Culture & HR Value Story Videos

* Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
…needed a way to allow customers to engage with their brand (for new visitors), as well as share a deeper dive into their history to visitors to their Vermont museum & factory tour.
We proposed  a ‘Back to the Mooture’ story as the brand progressed through the decades, from the leadership of Woody, the spokes-cow! 

Training and Trust Building

* NetApp
…needed to deliver the importance of ergonmic training and posture, to thousands of key-board focused, high value developers. 
Our videos grab the target audience by starting in the future, and working our way back.  This opens doors and removes the typical ‘boring training’ video barrier that most people are forced to watch…The series is a hugely popular, and led to life-sized ‘office turtle’ characters being created.  

Product overview and deep dive

* LexisNexis
…needed a way to engage customers to their product, as well as open doors with existing customers on the previous product version.
We proposed this glamourous 3D fly through of the issue, and the solution, solving customers problems, and enhanced interface and ease of use.  

Healthcare & Bioscience

* Amgen, Biogen, Danahar, ThermoFisher, Kaiser Permanente, more…
…needed to deliver the importance of their solutions to doctors, patients, labs, internally, and at each level of the value chain.
We focus on Tech and Biotech, so this is a montage of the hundreds of videos we have created for healthcare.  The videos have been instrumental in new treatments to raising millions in funding. 

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