Making Interactive Video Productions Work For You

Interactive Video Production

You’re an intelligent person. In fact, you’re most likely looking for something new; something to take your company to the next level, right? Here at Rip Media Group we’re always looking for the next big thing and the stats to support it. So today we’re going to take a look at Interactive video productions and why they might be the next best thing for you!

First off, how do we define interactive? These are video productions that let the viewers choose different paths for the video to take. They can participate in an interactive experience that leads to a definitive outcome – something that might include a quiz score or assessment. Sometimes that means that viewers can click on something in the video itself. Other times it means that motionless, clickable buttons/banners that sit atop the video can be used as interactive. Either way, they can be done in whiteboard animation, live action or motion graphics.

The top three benefits of having an interactive video production are pretty amazing:

66% more engagement.

44% longer viewing time.

39% tracking/understanding audience behavior

And get this: interactive video productions are simply more engaging. How so? A whopping 70% of marketers agree that interactive video productions engage either well or very well.

So why aren’t you creating them? One study suggests these perceived problems – but as you’ll see, each one doesn’t hold up to the evidence.

It’s too costly

This is the primary reason some marketers give as to why they’re not dipping their toes into the interactive video production market. Well get this, cost ranks 10th on the list of challenges in creating/using them. So don’t worry about it! The end result is too good to turn down.

I’m Not Equipped To Create One

Well first off, you won’t be. Rip Media Group is best equipped to do one for you and we do everything we can to keep costs down and make them simple to use. But here’s another fact; only 36% of extensive users say “time-consuming to create” as a challenge.

Who Watches Them?

In one recent study, half of all participants said they’re using interactive video productions in four or more apps or use cases.

Let’s turn to what’s working.

35% of marketers who use interactive video productions a lot say they see increased conversions. That’s 20% higher than marketers who use them only very lightly.

68% of marketers believe interactive video productions are becoming more and more important.

Who can argue with these figures? Create a compelling, engaging, interactive video production and see conversions, ROI and revenue increase! Reach out to us for a full consultation so we can show you what Rip Media Group can do to make you shine – and give your company the video it needs. We do it all – from motion graphics to whiteboard animation, to live action and more.

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